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Speed ​​Up The PC, Optimize, And Improve Performance

Over time, has your PC become slow and can’t stand having to wait all that time during uploads? Do you often crash while running your software or games? Do you have a new PC that doesn’t meet your expectations? Don’t worry, because I have the right solution for you. In this post, I will explain how to speed up your PC to improve and optimize its performance.

What Happened To The PC?

At least once, you come across the need to increase the performance of your PC to make it go back to being as fast as when it was new. The causes of the slowdowns differ, ranging from the evolution of hardware components to the increasingly high performance we want from a computer. We need to remember the software problems that we often encounter. If you want to speed up PCs that seem to be dead, you need to understand what happened first. We will see it in the following paragraphs: I will help you analyze the problem to allow you to solve it best.

Slow Windows Operating System: The Possible Causes

When analyzing a problem of this type, it is always necessary to start from the operating system and try to understand if it is weighed down by the amount of software installed on it. They are often installed without our knowledge due to deceptive advertising, so checking and removing the extra ones is good. First, click Start and then Control Panel; at this point, click on Programs and Features to view the list of all the software installed on your Windows.

You should sort them by date by clicking the Installed on a label to have any installations in chronological order. Please scroll through the list, select the extra software one at a time, and click the Uninstall or Remove button to eliminate them from your Microsoft Windows operating system. Once this procedure is done, please restart the computer for it to dispose of the changes made. With this restart, I’m sure you’ve already managed to speed up the PC a little, but now we continue to increase the system’s speed. Even if a part has started, it is still to go.

Analyze Windows

The next step is to scan the system for any malware infecting it or your computer but not only. Is your computer infected with pop-up advertisements that appear unexpectedly every three by two? Or the homepage of your browser that constantly changes, preventing you from regular web research? I wrote an article for you that will solve the problem. Please click the link below that I propose to view the ad-hoc guide.

Optimize And Improve Windows

Were you able to improve and optimize Windows with the previous step? If you continue to follow me, I will explain more tricks to speed up your PC. Go on! Yes! Let’s proceed because I have to offer another step toward solving your problem. Usually, when I have to speed up the PC in my work, I carry out all these operations that I am explaining to you before moving on to the hard way. I wrote the first post where 11 steps would help you optimize and make the most of your Windows.

How To Speed Up The PC Change Only One Component

You’re probably already wondering, “But how did Matteo speed up the PC by changing just one component?”. Yes! The way exists and will soon be revealed to you. When a computer appears slow and cumbersome in running specific software, we act on the RAM(Random Access Memory ) and the CPU ( processors ). Undoubtedly, upgrading these two elements will make life easier for our computers. You can find it here:

  1. the best processors for PC ;
  2. the best RAMs for PCs.

Having at least 8GB of RAM on your computer will help run Windows a lot; if you want to install even more, that’s all the better. You will have more speed. Even having a good processor on your PC helps run the software, especially the heavier ones for the system. Furthermore, the best CPUs will allow you to start several programs together and not have any slowdowns. If you want to speed up your PC  by improving these components of your computer and you don’t know which ones to buy, write a comment indicating the model of your motherboard, and I will answer you as quickly as possible, showing the best one.

Speed ​​Up Your PC 10x With SSD Storage

In this article so far I have explained how you can speed up your PC to optimize and improve performance :

  1. uninstalling useless software;
  2. analyzing the operating system for possible threats from viruses and malware;
  3. operating with small tricks on the system;
  4. considering a hardware upgrade.

I have yet to tell you how I managed to speed up my pc ten times by changing just one hardware component. As I explained to you earlier, there has always been an attempt to improve the RAM and CPU performance. However, it was not thought that one day it would reach the point that the amount of data arriving from the hard disk would not be sufficient to satisfy the demands on the processor and RAM. 

New-concept memories called SSDs ( Solid State Disks ) have arrived on the market for several years. Their characteristic is that they do not have a continuously rotating mechanical disc inside. SSDs have flash memory, similar to a USB stick, but faster. Initially, the prices were excessive, but they dropped dramatically, thanks to decreased production costs. SATA SSD has a transfer capacity of around 600MB/s, so moving 1GB of data will take about 1.5 seconds. However, if you choose a PCIe NVMe SSD, the speed becomes 3000 MB/s and even beyond!

How Long Do You Spend On Your Current Mechanical Hard Drive?

A mass memory capable of moving such an amount of data per second speeds up all data movements, such as turning on the PC. Would you believe it if I told you that from the moment you press the power button, in about 10 seconds, you will already be able to work on your PC? As I told you before, the costs have become very affordable over the years, even for units with capacities of 1 TB and more. Of course, Hard Drives are preferred for use in NAS or if you need many, many TeraBytes, but the speed of SSDs cannot be beaten!


As I told you before, there are two types of SSDs. I’m talking about the first type to be introduced to replace 2.5-inch hard drives directly. We are talking about SATA SSDs: today, they are much cheaper than in the past and much faster than hard drives. Here is the list of the best SATA SSDs: my favorites are the models like Samsung 870 EVO and 870 QVO.


As you have seen, speeding up your PC is possible if you first identify the cause, which may depend on the software or hardware installed. In both cases, you won’t have to perform excessively complex operations and can once again count on a fluid and fast computer. 

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