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Tech Global Online is now open to all the content writers, bloggers, tech enthusiasts, guest writers, authors to write for us technology on tech-related topics like Gadgets, Business strategies, Technology updates, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc.

Tech Global Online website has set the stage to share the knowledge on technology and its branches across the world. The world runs on the wheels of technology. Technology has so deeply rooted itself into everyone’s life without which life becomes unimaginable.

At this point, the public is in constant exploration of various tech-related news and likes to keep themselves updated. So, we want to provide informative, genuine, well-researched, and in-depth content to all our audience.

We fondly welcome all those who are interested in technology and related topics and to share their grasp on various topics on our platform. We are looking for writers with passion, awareness, and erudite.

We focus on publishing innovative and genuine articles and give our audience an all-new experience that satisfies them when they visit our site. If you are willing to contribute your part to our website on technology-related topics, then we are obliged to work with you.

Tech Global Online is open for suggestions, advice, opinions, and thoughts of our valuable audience and writers. Please post your impression on our site in the comment section or mail us at contacttechglobalonline@gmail.com

Topics On Which You Can Create Articles To Write For Us Technology – Tech Global Online

Given under is the list of general topics on technology where you can show your expertise. They are mentioned to give you an idea of the topics you should choose to create a well-scrutinized article. Please go through them thoroughly.

Topics On Technology Write For Us

  • Nanotechnology
  • Data Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Science and Technology and many more.

Topics On Latest Gadgets Write For Us

  • Gaming Gadgets
  • Popular Mobile Phones
  • Unboxing Reviews
  • Smart TV’s
  • Technology and Gadget Reviews
  • On PC/Laptops
  • Smart Watches and many more.

Topics On Web Marketing Write For Us

  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising and many more.

Topics On Business Strategies Write For Us

  • Data security
  • Outsourcing
  • Brand awareness
  • Job sculpting
  • Organography
  • Short-term financing
  • Telemarketing
  • Employee coaching and many more.

Guidelines To Submit A Guest Article – Technology Write For Us – Tech Global Online

There are certain rules to follow while writing a guest post to Tech Global Online. We request the content creators to carefully observe the following criteria.


The content must be genuine, authentic, and non-plagiarized. Depict your content on the latest developments and innovations in the tech world. Create simple, easily understandable yet impactful content. As you write the content, consider all the global audience so that it is reachable to them. Make an in-depth survey on the topic you chose.

Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before you submit the content. Each paragraph must have at least four to five lines. Make sure the content is properly aligned.


Include or attach clear and good-quality images that are free from copyright. If you have the skill to prepare informative infographics, then you can undoubtedly use them. Attachment of images makes the post more readable and understandable.

Headings And Subheadings

Use proper headings and subheadings that are distinctive and attractive. It is preferable to use search engine optimized keywords as titles and subtitles. The subheadings used must convey the meaning of the given information.

The Number Of Words

Use a minimum of 800 words in the article. More than 800 is acceptable. Use good vocabulary and frame the sentences in good terminology.

Points To Be Noted

  • The article once published on our site cannot be removed until the same is seen on other websites.
  • The content must be properly aligned with suitable headings and subheadings. Use bullets to highlight the points. Create the content in a readable font.
  • We accept articles that are related only to technology.
  • The content must not be copied from other websites.
  • The content must rely upon the point and must not lead to unnecessary matters.
  • Attachment of at least one picture is mandatory.

How To Send The Article? – Write For Technology – Tech Global Online

After creating a good guest post by following the above guidelines you can send it to our official email id contacttechglobalonline@gmail.com

Mention a few words about yourself in the mail. Keep the subject as technology write for us or write for us technology or gadgets write for us or business write for us, etc.

Send the article in the form of a Microsoft word document or Google document. As we receive the post, we will forward it to our technical team to be evaluated. If the article meets our standards, we will publish it and inform the same through email. If the article needs any changes, we will make corrections and publish it.

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We believe in teamwork and always aim to provide good opportunities to the talented chap of the writing fraternity.