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Top 5 Gantt Software: Which One To Choose (2023 Update)

The Gantt software is of fundamental importance in project management, as it is intended for creating and planning a project. In 1986 a Polish engineer designed a method to show production processes’ interdependencies. Still being published in Polish, little known at the time, it was immediately replaced by the method written in English and created in 1910 by Henry Gantt to develop the productivity levels of its employees.

Costs For A Gantt Software

Costs for Gantt software can vary depending on many factors. Much depends on the version chosen, the features offered, and the program’s quality. It isn’t easy to compare expenses in this area as providers charge in various methods. Mid-level services are estimated to cost between €20 and €40 per person per month. Mid-level Gantt software is ideal for developing companies and teams. On the other hand, small businesses don’t need to spend nearly as much on a decent tool, with alternatives ranging from €5 to €12 per worker per month. Large companies with hundreds of projects will most likely spend €45 per worker per month or more.

Top 5 Gantt Software: Which One To Choose (2023 Update)


Clarizen is an excellent Gantt software that connects employee conversations and projects in one environment. It is aimed at SMEs and large groups carrying out essential and complex projects. Enables strong collaboration between team members and other stakeholders and displays real-time project progress. It monitors project progress, duration, and expenses, increasing its profitability. Its mobile application makes it excellent, providing access to all its functions on the go.


Sciforma is a Gantt software designed to manage projects and resources and track time. It can use three modules separately or in a complementary way. There is a module that allows you to manage suitable projects based on your business strategy, a second module that is meant to manage projects based on different methodologies, and a third module that is meant to track your time. It is elementary to install and is compatible with all browsers. is used by more than 80,000 teams worldwide, making it very easy to manage any team or project. Its main elements are tabs, groups, columns, and items. The card is a spreadsheet whose sections are defined as a group, which contains elements that contain information, such as, for example, everything that needs to be done. The four most important functions are the dashboard, integrations, visuals, and automation. The dashboard allows us to see the most important things at a glance. The integrations simplify the workflow, perfectly integrating the most popular external tools. The visuals allow us to divide the various things in different ways, and finally, the automation allows you to save time and optimize your work. is a Gantt software capable of revolutionizing the way of conceiving the concept of the project itself. Its main features are the Gantt chart to follow every progress on the timeline. The task management, intended to assign activities to the team, the online project planning, and finally, the so-called dashboard, which immediately notifies of any progress or modification assigned to the project.


Britix24 is a Gantt software for small and medium-sized businesses, providing users with tools designed to manage projects, tasks, etc. It has many integrated functions, including a corporate intranet, email management, workflow management, and video conferencing. When assigning resources, the names of the currently busiest employees are highlighted in red. It is elementary to use, and it will be easy to understand how it works even for those without experience with the Gantt chart. This Gantt chart software is free of charge if the team consists of a maximum of three people or if you are satisfied with the essential functions. Otherwise, you will need to refer to the subscription plans.

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