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Photos On iPhone: 9 Features To Try Now

Over the years, iOS updates have brought numerous new features to the Photos app. If you have been a happy owner of an iPhone for some time or have recently purchased one, you may need to be made aware of all the new features of the app where the photos and videos taken with the phone are stored. Is that so? In this article, we will show you nine features of Photos on the iPhone that you don’t know and that you should try immediately.

Pinch To Zoom For A Better Overview Of The Photos

If you are someone who takes a lot of photos, as soon as you open the Photos app on your iPhone, you may find yourself with a large number of shots without any logic. The best solution is to create specific albums for each image collection so you can immediately see the photos you want with a simple search. To make it easier to create a new album, iPhone Photos features pinch-to-zoom functionality, which lets you zoom out from the gallery to get a better overview of your photos.

Take Advantage Of The Search Tab

It can be challenging to find a photo manually among all the shots stored in the gallery, especially if the latter is large. To make your work easier, the iPhone Photos app integrates the convenient Search feature. As you use your phone, the application automatically recognizes faces, subjects, and backgrounds in images, sorting them into categories. All you have to do is press the “Search” option located at the bottom right.

Browse The Gallery By Photo Type

If you are looking for a particular photo, for example, a screenshot, a selfie, or a live photo, Photos helps you by cataloging each image by type. To see the different types of files automatically classified by the iPhone, go to the “Album” tab, then locate the “Types of media files” section, and that’s it. In addition to screenshots and live photos, the app also recognizes selfies, memes, and videos.

Watch Photo Slideshows Made For You

The iPhone Photos app has a special algorithm that automatically selects photos and videos to create a short slideshow in the For You tab. s. Photos can make a video automatically even if it finds images that are often repeated in the gallery, such as those of your four-legged friends.

Hide Photos To Keep Them Private

It sometimes happens that relatives or friends are curious to look at your photos secretly, perhaps while you are browsing the image gallery and they are behind you. Luckily, the Photos app allows you to solve this problem very quickly by integrating the Hide feature, thanks to which you can make one or more photos private, thus keeping them away from prying eyes.

First of all, open the “Album” tab, then press “Select” at the top right and choose the album you want to make private. Once this is done, press the three-dot icon at the bottom right, and from the menu that opens, select the “Hide” item twice consecutively.

Remove Duplicate Images

When you are on holiday and are faced with an unmissable attraction, it comes naturally to take as many photos as possible, most of the time using the same or almost the same frame. The final result? Filling the image gallery with shots that are very similar to each other, thus taking up memory space unnecessarily. The iPhone Photos app gives you the ability to delete images that are very similar to each other, thanks to the Other tab, where you will find the “Duplicates” option. The other entries to take into consideration are “hidden” and “recently deleted”.

Edit Your Photos Altogether

Have you found an effect that you like and would like to use for other similar photos that you keep in your image gallery? You may not know it, but the Photos app allows you to edit photos in batches, applying the same style to all of them. Here’s the procedure to follow: Open a picture you want to edit and select “Edit” at the top right. 

Once you have made the changes, press “Finish”. Now tap on the three-dot icon at the top right and select the “Copy changes” item. Once this is done, tap the < arrow to go back. Now, all you have to do is press the “Select” button, choose the photos you want to make changes to, then tap the three-dot icon at the bottom right and select the “Paste changes” option.

Remove The Background From An Image

In the past, when there was a need to remove the background from a photo, we usually turned to a third-party app available on the App Store. Now, however, it is possible to act directly from the Photos app thanks to the Visual Look Up functionality. All you have to do is open a photo, hold down the subject of the image for several seconds until you can drag it to your liking, and select one of the two items that appear: “Copy” or “Share”. This way, you will get an image in PNG format without a background.

Scan And Copy Text Into Images

You may need to share some critical points of a document on another application or with another person. The Scan Text feature of the Photos app makes the process easier and more intuitive. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the desired image.
  2. Select the “Scan Text” icon (bottom right of the camera pane).
  3. Highlight the text you want to copy.
  4. Paste it into a messaging app or Notes app to always have it at hand.


Did you know about these features of the Photos app on your iPhone? As you have seen, there are various options integrated into the default Apple application that allow you to simplify operations that are not as immediate as you might think at first.

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