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Telegram For macOS Now Lets You Save Battery

All messaging apps also offer a desktop version, so you can communicate directly from your computer without taking your phone out of the drawer. However, despite our laptops’ large batteries, they can considerably affect battery life. Since yesterday Telegram has released an exciting update for Mac users, which allows you to set an energy-saving mode full of options available. Let’s go find out!

The New Energy-Saving Mode: Here Are The Functions

In version 9.4.1 of Telegram for macOS, a new entry called Energy saving mode has appeared at the top of the settings. This option allows you to disable power-intensive features such as animations, autoplay of videos and GIFs, and other interface effects such as blurs and emojis. Here’s how to find it.

  1. Launch Telegram for macOS
  2. Click on the lower right gear icon, Settings, from the left panel.
  3. At the top, click on Energy saving mode in the central tab.
  4. A new page titled Energy Saver will open. 
  5. At the top, you will find the button to activate the mode.
  6. Underneath is an entry, Battery Level, which allows you to set a slider to activate the mode when a certain percentage of battery is reached
  7. Below again, you will find a series of options that could consume the battery and which you can disable individually without necessarily giving up all the others. By activating the energy-saving mode, you will deactivate them all in one fell swoop.

Telegram has thought of the mode for MacBooks, of course, but even those who use an outdated desktop Mac could take advantage of it, as by enabling it, you can use fewer resources and lighten your system.

How To Install The Update

As we said at the beginning, the new energy mode was introduced in the latest app update on the App Store, 9.4.1. To update it, follow these steps.

  1. Open the App Store (the icon with a stylized “A” on a blue background)
  2. From the left panel, click on Updates
  3. Click Update All or Update next to Telegram

As you can see from the release notes above, the update also contains bug fixes and general performance improvements. Two considerations are worth making. The first is that the Telegram app for macOS is compatible with macOS 10.12 and later, and the second is that the new feature is only present on the version found on the App Store, not on the universal one.

All three promise to help people make their batteries last longer, whether using Apple’s best MacBook Pro or something older. Machines like the 16-inch MacBook Pro already have days of battery life, but the new Telegram hopes to help people use as little power as possible. It does this with a new power-saving mode, which is a three-pronged approach. It starts with a switch that disables resource-intensive processes.

Then there are individual settings for auto-playing things like GIFs and videos. Animated emojis are also included. Finally, Telegram says that the energy-saving mode activates automatically based on the battery charge status of the Mac it’s running on. Theoretically, you no longer have to think about managing your battery: Telegram will do it for you. If you have installed Telegram, you may already have the updated version, especially if automatic updates are turned on. 

If not, you can download Telegram from the App Store right now. And, of course, it’s also free. Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac right now, and we suggest you check it out if you need to communicate with other people on non-Apple devices. WhatsApp is also another good option. These new features are a welcome addition for those who use portable Macs and want to ensure their battery lasts as long as possible: install the update on your Mac as soon as possible if you’ll benefit from the energy-saving mode too.

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