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Five Tips For Transforming Your Apprenticeship Contract Into A Permanent Contract

The apprenticeship contract is an excellent way to put into practice what you have learned during your studies and, above all, to get your first foot in the professional world. Obviously, the Holy Grail at the end of this period would be to sign a permanent contract. Choice of company, curiosity, involvement, relationship with colleagues, professional network: find five tips for transforming your apprenticeship contract into a permanent contract.

Choose The Right Company

Hoping to transform your apprenticeship contract into a permanent contract requires anticipation. Future employment is prepared in advance, from the choice of the company where you are going to apply—several good reasons for this. Already, this allows you to evolve in a structure in which you will feel good, which will enable you to learn and train. This is essential before you launch into the deep end of active life.

So please start by selecting the sectors of activity in which you wish to evolve and sort them in order of preference. Next, shop around for companies in the industry in question. Don’t just settle for large groups. There is a greater chance that a start-up will keep you at the end of your work-study program and offer you a permanent contract. Finally, target companies that appear likely to hire a work-study worker. How? Specific criteria remain good indicators:

  • Rapid development (critical new partnerships, new premises, etc.);
  • Fundraising from investors;
  • Frequent recruitment on permanent contracts.

These criteria give you hope of being hired at the end of your work-study program.

Show Your Desire To Learn

Demonstrating your motivation and desire to learn increases your chances of transforming your work-study contract into a permanent contract. This advice should not only be put forward on the day of the interview; it must be felt on a daily basis in your way of being. Your tutor must see that you are thirsty to learn, that you are curious, but also that you feel good and that you enjoy what you do. Two main criteria will come into play when knowing whether the company should hire you or not:

  • Interpersonal skills (your attitude within the company);
  • The potential for development (your ability to learn to carry out tasks and missions that evolve over the weeks).

If you encounter difficulties, feel free to talk to your apprenticeship instructor or your manager and ask them questions. It’s normal to face the challenges; again, you are there to learn. Starting discussions and asking for explanations reflect a desire to do the right thing and overcome the problems that present themselves to you. A mentality that makes a company want to trust a work-study worker.

Be Proactive

In line with the previous advice, a work-study student who does not hesitate to be proactive has a good chance of seeing his apprenticeship contract transformed into a permanent contract.

Being curious, motivated, and correctly carrying out the tasks assigned to you is obviously essential. But you must also show that you can bring real added value to the company.

Propose new ideas, offer your help on projects, or even missions that complement those you are already carrying out. This overview of the company’s objectives and your involvement will be successful in convincing your employer that you are an autonomous and reliable employee. In all modesty, know how to make yourself indispensable to the company.

Get To Know Your Colleagues

A work-study student who is perfectly integrated into the company will likely be offered a permanent contract. This, of course, requires involvement in work or the successful completion of tasks and missions. But this also implies good understanding with other collaborators. It is, therefore, essential to be able to integrate into this dynamic, even if it may seem complicated at first glance, to join an already-formed team.

But keep in mind that you are also part of this team and that there is definitely a place for you. Show dynamism, motivation, good humor, and focus on your interpersonal skills. This includes getting to know your colleagues in order to create connections with them. When you arrive, take the time to introduce yourself individually and exchange a few words.

During coffee breaks, lunches, internal events, or even less solemn moments like after work, please take advantage of these opportunities to chat with them. You will get to know them and eventually integrate fully into the company.

Develop Your Professional Network

Despite all your efforts, did the apprenticeship contract not result in a permanent contract? Rest assured, all is not lost. Do not hesitate to keep in touch with your former colleagues via social networks, email, or telephone. And, above all, develop your professional network. A position may become available in the coming months, or a former colleague may put you in touch with acquaintances.

Likewise, during your work-study program, take advantage of every opportunity to interact with as many people as possible, internally but also externally. There are so many connections that you can contact later or who will think of you if a permanent contract becomes available soon.

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