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How To Choose Document Management Software For PEC

For every company, having document management software for PEC is a fundamental tool for optimizing its business and, above all, essential in today’s society. Today documents of any kind are mainly exchanged via email, especially using emails with legal value: the PEC – Certified Electronic Mail. This is why document management software for PEC is essential for working in an organized and structured way. Why? Because software of this type allows the centralization of filing, consultation, and conservation of certified emails, even if by different suppliers. Read on to learn more and understand how to choose the software that best suits your needs.

Certified Electronic Mail: What It Is  

Certified electronic mail is a communication tool that, from a conceptual point of view, is very similar to registered mail with return receipts. The PEC certifies that a particular email message has been sent and delivered, ensuring that it can be used even in the event of a dispute. Moving on to the technical level, this message becomes a data package signed by an electronic signature to guarantee the integrity, provenance, and authenticity required for the notice to be valid. In this context, what does it mean for a company to have document management software for PEC? Effectively organizing PECs thanks to the presence of a management system for PEC managers means: 

  1. archive received and sent certified emails, as well as acceptance and delivery messages, by the law; 
  2. manage all transmitted documents more efficiently.

Document Management Software For PEC: Why You Should Have One 

First, document management software for PEC is a valuable platform for centralizing and simplifying the administration of many accounts and certified email boxes. Then, it takes care of organizing the various contents and keeping messages and receipts correctly connected. This is because a management system for PEC managers is able to divide receipts and statements, for example, by classifying them in relation to the various business processes. Not only that, through a PEC management software it is possible to define the permissions to the various documents and the access policy , in an adaptable and flexible way for each company. This way, it will be much easier for operators and system administrators to trace all the necessary information. 

Document Management Software For PEC: Why Go To An Independent Supplier  

In general, PEC managers are obliged to keep the proof of delivery only for a period of 30 months. However, current document retention regulations set this period at 10 years . A particularly long period of time, within which it will be absolutely necessary to change providers. This is why it is preferable to turn to an independent supplier to implement certified email management software.

A management software for PEC manager that has been designed, developed and released by an external supplier, allows you to free yourself from individual email providers, structuring the multiple mailboxes found in the corporate PEC environment in an efficient and centralized way. The operation is made much easier thanks to a multi-account and multi-platform approach , streamlining the storage procedures in accordance with the law.  

How To Choose The Perfect Company PEC Management Software For Your Needs   

The main task for certified email management software is to classify all certified mail and organize everything in a structured way, offering different search criteria. Furthermore, it must guarantee conservation in compliance with the PEC in order to maintain their legal validity for the time established by law. It is also very important to centralize the storage of certified emails from different suppliers, as it simplifies research and display activities, identifying a single point of access to information. For effective management of email messages, certified email management software: 

  1. automatically connects to defined mailboxes;
  2. classify and archive all emails – you can retrieve them using filters, free text search tools, and categories. 

To administer archiving policies, in document management software for PEC, the dashboard must also highlight any problems , contributing to an agile workflow – and, if possible, automating it – and offering an accurate view of the cataloging status. A handy feature of this software is the one that allows you to create a classification designed for certain subject areas.

In short, an advanced document management software for PEC integrates perfectly with standard-compliant digital storage systems quickly and effectively. Furthermore, it can be combined with other applications and concentrates information in a single aggregate system. This is why it is a fundamental piece of a broader digital transformation process.   

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