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Browser For Smartphones: On The Mobile Phone On The Internet

Fast access to the Internet with your mobile phone: a web browser can also be used to display websites and search engines on your smartphone. Whether Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or alternatives: the selection of browsers is large, and the differences are usually only minor. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the details – because, depending on individual preferences, the best choice may fall on very different providers.

Browser For The Mobile Phone: The Possibilities Of Different Smartphone Browsers

As on any desktop PC, you can surf the web on your smartphone. To open websites on your mobile phone, you need a web browser. Internet addresses can be entered, and search queries sent in the browser window. Various browser programs from different developers are available to you.

Pre Installed Mobile Phone Browsers And Browser Apps

A browser is already pre installed as a standard program on most devices. There can be various reasons for this – some web browsers are only compatible with certain operating systems. The preinstalled browser mustn’t necessarily have to be used. You may be able to find other programs that better suit your needs and download them to your device.

For this reason, it makes sense to get comprehensive information about the range of smartphone browsers. What qualities would you like to focus on? Which aspects are important to you? Whether you value ease of use, comprehensive privacy protection or high browser flexibility, your choice should meet your needs.

Handling, Loading Time And Security: These Differences Are Relevant

As on the desktop, mobile browsers differ in these aspects in particular:

  1. Handling: How easy is finding the browser window’s settings and extensions? Which options are offered, and how clear is the program’s menu?
  2. Loading times and speed: How quickly does the program display search results? How fast are web pages displayed?
  3. Security: What options does the browser offer regarding privacy and data protection?

In addition, more specific factors can also be considered: For some users, for example, the consumption of data volume or the browser engine used, i.e. the technology behind it, plays an important role. For others, the ability to sync data with other devices is essential. In the end, the choice of browser is a very individual decision that depends on different factors for each user.

Overview Of Smartphone Browsers: Widespread Providers And Their Properties

The browser programs from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge are installed on most desktop PCs and smartphones . The browsers from these manufacturers are widespread and occupy large market shares. Each of the programs can score with some special features. The big companies are particularly convincing with their extensive networking: synchronization with other devices is possible with some of the browsers and control via an individual account. The following table gives a small insight into the properties of the different web browsers in comparison:

Google Chrome 

  1. Sync with Google account
  2. Integrated language translator

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Comparison with the desktop version
  2. own security extensions


  1. preinstalled on iOS-powered devices
  2. Networking via iCloud

Microsoft Edge

  1. Available for Android-powered smartphones
  2. Synchronization of tabs and bookmarks with the desktop version

If you want to use a different browser than the one previously installed on your smartphone, you can download the new program in just a few steps. In the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, well-known and less common browser programs can be found and downloaded to your mobile phone.

Smartphone Browsers: Lesser-Known Browsers And Their Peculiarities

The choice does not have to fall on one of the well-known browsers and market leaders. Some alternatives advertise with individual features. You may find the right one among these programs depending on which features you value. The alternative web browsers include the programs listed below. It is important to remember that some applications are only available for Android smartphones. However, it is worth keeping an eye on further company developments: the offers usually adapt quickly to customer demand.

Dolphin Browser

The settings make it possible to design the browser like on your desktop and synchronize inputs and the structure with other devices. A special extension can also connect to devices with different operating systems. In addition, the Dolphin browser ensures high browser security and protects users’ privacy.

Tor Browser

The focus of this app is on the privacy of its users. Since the Android browser sends every input made via the proxy server of its network, your requests leave no traces on the web. The search will therefore take a little longer, but your behavior on the net will remain anonymous.

Opera Browser

Opera offers consumers a smartphone browser that can be convinced with high speed and additional features (e.g. an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, i.e. a purse for digital currency). The Opera Touch application also makes it possible to use the browser with one hand, transfer browser windows to a laptop or desktop PC and scan QR codes.


This is a browser and search engine that excels with fast results. Based on the community of users and their input, Cliqz provides you with answers as you type your search query. The selection is large and goes beyond the browser providers listed here. Become aware of your demands and needs to choose the ideal program.

Less Risk On The Internet: How To Surf The Internet Safely

For many users, security in the network plays a particularly important role. To protect your privacy, you can use some extensions and settings that different browsers provide. Here, too, the programs differ depending on the developer: the possibilities and security options are other for each browser.

It makes sense to find the respective recommendations on the manufacturer’s website. In this way, you ensure that you reach the safest position in the end and that you are anonymous on the net. Methods for more browser security include, for example, surfing in private mode, an encrypted WiFi connection, but also a reliable ad blocker.

Conclusion: Choosing The Right Browser For Smartphones

The selection of smartphone browsers varies, and the differences between the programs are only sometimes clear. In any case, it’s worth taking a closer look. The functions of the various browsers correspond to very different requirement profiles and individually fulfill other ideas. While some users attach particular importance to fast loading times and individualized search results, others pay specific attention to browser security. 

The respective features can be checked using information from the developers themselves, but also through tests and field reports. Aspects such as ad or pop blockers and the preferred search engine as the default search engine can also be configured independently of the browser.

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