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What Are The Advantages Of Smart WiFi?

Smart: from the small car to the essential smartphones, the term “smart” (intelligent in VF) is now found in many everyday objects. The latest innovation, Smart WiFi, is a new form of improved WiFi connection with many advantages. In 1997, the last century, WiFi, a set of wireless network standards, appeared very first. At the time, its theoretical speed was 2 Mbits/s. Since then, WiFi has moved up a gear, improving over the years and innovations. 

Until recently, it has been regularly updated, until recently with WiFi 6, available from the SFR Box 8, benefiting from a tenfold speed that can go up to 10 Gbps. And it is precisely to accompany this very comfortable speed that Smart WiFi is now coming to your home. Very practical, WiFi allows you to connect several devices to the same Internet box without needing an ethernet cable to connect them to it. This is called the wireless connection, which has been democratized for fifteen years. 

It is used everywhere, at home and work, in stations, airports, parks, and even bars or hotels. So much so that one of the first questions people ask when arriving somewhere, right after “How are you?” is “What’s the WiFi code?” However, WiFi can encounter some problems: its signal can be more complicated to pick up in certain rooms, especially in large houses, or be reduced if too many devices are connected simultaneously (and therefore use the same bandwidth). Fortunately, now there is Smart WiFi.

Optimized WiFi

As its name suggests, Smart WiFi is intelligent because it will allow a connected device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) to search for the frequency band best suited to its current needs. It can automatically switch between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and alternate between them to ensure stable and continuous throughput. All without the user having to do anything manually, even if he moves from one room to another and again to another.

Better Coverage

A good blanket is not only beneficial for cold winter nights. It is also essential to benefit from WiFi in all the rooms of a residence. Naturally, the WiFi signal becomes weaker as one moves away from the box from which it is emitted. If in a 17m² studio, there is usually no problem. Things can get complicated when you live in a mansion. Or in a large house, with one or more floors, more simply. 

To optimize WiFi coverage, you must equip your home with one or more WiFi repeaters, which, as their name suggests, will “repeat” the transmitted signal, i.e., capture it, then broadcast it at equivalent power in the area around him. the SFR Box 8, which is precisely compatible with Smart WiFi. With such an installation, the connection is guaranteed to be stable when moving from one room to another.

Intuitive Management

Smart WiFi is, therefore, straightforward to use since it adjusts automatically and in real time to the most suitable band. To manage it quickly and easily, the SFR & Me application offers many functions to simplify your daily life. With it, it is possible to install and configure Smart WiFi repeaters, view the list of devices connected to WiFi, customize and share your WiFi directly from your smartphone, manage your guests’ WiFi access, and above all, check the status of WiFi and its connectivity. Practical, to pull the cover to yourself.

A Free Option

Smart WiFi is free for owners of the SFR Box 8 and is included in the subscription. To check if it is activated and to configure it, all you have to do is go to the SFR & Me application, a real dashboard of your Internet connection. To optimize the use of Smart WiFi and benefit from broader and more stable coverage, it has been possible for a few days to install a Smart WiFi repeater, available for rental for only 3 euros per month (without commitment). It is elementary to install (the application tells you the best possible places) and allows you to benefit from the most optimal WiFi connections.

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