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Extensions For Chrome: The 5 Best For Working On The Web

An extension or plugin is a small program that installs itself on the browser we use and adds new functions that it does not have. Nowadays, there are extensions to do everything, and those who work on the internet every day know it well. So let’s see five of the best chrome extensions to work on the web!

SEO Check Rank

Seo Check Rank is a plugin that profoundly analyzes the SEO of a page, providing us with in-depth data relating to ranking, links, type of public that visits us, popularity by country, headings, meta description, keywords, and much more. An excellent tool to know if a page is well indexed or if we can work on it to improve our positioning. Seo Check Rank is free with full potential and does not have a premium version.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Anyone who develops sites will surely know it: sometimes, it is necessary to insert text in a portion of the page without knowing what to write. Among these five chrome extensions, the Lorem ipsum generator is dedicated to “filling.” With a single click from our browser tab, we will open a small window to enter the number of paragraphs, words, and weight in bytes or the creation of a bulleted list. After choosing what we need, we must copy-paste, and lorem ipsum is served! The extension is free and 100% usable.

No Caches

This is also an extension dedicated to web developers. The cache is a memory that the browser uses to avoid reloading pages already loaded in the same browsing session from scratch. So if we enter Facebook a second time in the same session, the logo, cookies, and other site elements will already be saved in the cache and will not be reloaded.

However, this is a problem for those developing sites who need to reload a page from scratch and better control the changes. Several tools clear the cache, emptying it, but No Cache is a different extension. This plugin does not affect our cache in the least but reloads a specific page preventing the browser from accessing it, so as to have to supply the elements (and any latest changes) every time. This extension is also 100% free.


Plugin that requires registration, but it’s worth it. For the uninitiated, is a site that allows you to shorten a link, creating a more understandable and visually pleasing short link for possible sharing on social networks. The extension is free, and to use it, enter the link in the text box and click on “shorten.” Then we copy the link obtained and use it where it is most convenient for us!

Quick Domain Whois

Convenient WHOIS, right? In one fell swoop, we can get all the information about a particular domain and enter it within the site. With this extension, however, we won’t have to worry about getting to their site. Once installed, we’ll need to click on the world icon at the top right to get the result. In a pop-up window, we will have all the information of that domain if they have been made visible to the WHOIS database.

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