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5 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Channel

If a company or freelancer decides to focus on visual content marketing, they must also know the techniques necessary to optimize the YouTube channel. The reason is simple: there is so much to do. This is the essential platform for managing visuals based on images and audio. It is impossible to think of uploading videos directly to the website or limiting yourself to what you publish on social networks.

Having a YouTube profile is the solution. This step lets you combine SEO optimization, content virality, cross-posting between different platforms, and brand visibility. However, it is also true that you need more than just uploading your videos. It would help if you optimized your YouTube profile. How? Those who do not have faith in the potential of this channel risk facing the challenge without considering the centrality of the visual universe. Do you want more information? Keep reading.

Give Coherence To Your YouTube Profile

The first tip for optimizing your YouTube channel is not technical but strategic. This platform is among the most popular online for disseminating multimedia content. It remains one of the most used social networks in the world, the second after Facebook, and this is a plus point for those who decide to be there. 

But this means having an objective and an editorial line to follow over time. In other words, identify and address a theme thanks to your video content marketing work. The YouTube channel can be organized into sections, and you can dedicate collections to micro-topics as you do with blog categories. But at the center, you must always respect a central theme.

Enter All Necessary Information

The channel customization area has a section dedicated to the primary information. It would help if you chose, first of all, the name and handle of your profile. Why are these important aspects? They are fundamental elements of the SEO optimization of the YouTube profile: they are automatically transformed into title tags and permalinks, two decisive factors for ranking. 

But they are also explicit references to give substance to your personal or corporate brand—the advice: avoid any fancy names. It would help if you used your identity for individual activities. Or the brand for a business, corporation, organization, or institution. Furthermore, in this section, you can add 1000 characters to introduce yourself and in-depth links to websites and other social media profiles.

Create Custom Thumbnails

A fundamental aspect of personalizing your YouTube channel and optimizing it to make it more exciting and attractive is thumbnails or graphic previews of videos. It would help if you always used an aesthetic consistent with your brand colors and easy to recognize.

Anyone who watches your preview must immediately understand that it is your video, but, at the same time, you must think that this is the critical element to attract attention. So, the clicks from the public. The best solution: Use Canva to create a base for your channel’s YouTube thumbnails. This way, you only have to change a few details every time you publish new content.

Manage The YouTube Channel Brand

Also, in the section dedicated to customizing your YouTube profile, you have another critical area for those who want to make a difference. Namely that of brand management. Here, you can manage 3 fundamental aspects of your online image. That means:

  1. Avatars.
  2. Cover.
  3. Watermark.

To optimize your YouTube channel, you start with simple things. That is, from your logo or avatar photo to present your person or company. Use an official pictogram for corporate projects or your image if the YouTube profile has your first and last name.

Here, you can add the banner that acts as the profile cover. Use this space to communicate the advantages of your brand, your point of view, the universe of values ​​, or simply a slogan. Remember the measurements: 2048 x 1152 for the cover image and 98 x 98 pixels for the avatar. Finally, consider a watermark and a logo to add to the bottom right of all videos to make your best content unique.

Choose The Proper Layout For Your Channel

One of the decisive aspects for optimizing the YouTube channel concerns the layout and number of sections present, which can affect proprietary and popular content from other media. You must identify, study, and choose the best design for organizing content. For example, you can ensure that non-registered users are presented with a trailer to give information about the project. Or you can define specific videos to feature for returning subscribers and decide which sections to leave. Channel optimization is always done with

Go to the customization item and then to layout: here, you can modify every aesthetic detail and add up to 12 sections. You organize them as you prefer for your account. Do you want to optimize your YouTube channel? To obtain good results, more is needed to open a profile on this social network. You must have an editorial line to settle for shapes to maximize your content marketing activity. Do you want some more information about your company? 

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