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The 13 Best iPhone Apps To Get Back Into Sport In 2024

Please get back in shape for 2024 with this selection of iOS applications, which will allow you to achieve your sporting goals. We saw how the iPhone could help you keep your (reasonable) resolutions at the beginning of the year a week ago. And among these, there must undoubtedly be the following: “reduce sugar”, “get back into sport”, “prepare for the return of sunny days and summer swimsuits”, etc.

For Running (And Other Sports!)

Adidas Running

Here is one of the references of the genre. There is GPS tracking, statistical analysis (height difference, top speed, average speed, distance traveled, etc.), everything. The application is in French and regularly updated. It also has its Apple Watch extension to retrieve heartbeats. A voice comes regularly in the headphones to tell you where you are (duration, distance, speed). The app is almost infinitely configurable. 

Training increases in difficulty; you do as you feel, and on arrival, you must analyze or admire the route on maps or graphs (speed, elevation). It is possible to choose your discipline from around fifteen sports and download training plans. The Apple Watch and heart rate monitors are supported with training zones in terms of heart rate. All your performances are archived and can, for those addicted, be synchronized with the website.


Runkeeper is, as its name suggests, an application you can use when you put on your sneakers to go jogging or running, whatever you want to call it. You can use it for bike rides, rollerblading, and even cardio classes on an elliptical bike. All this is configurable. It uses a principle we will find in several applications in the rest of the post: GPS tracking and voice guidance while supporting the Apple Watch! 

Indeed, thanks to the GPS chip in the iPhone, the app will be able to faithfully transcribe the journey and how long it took and monitor progress, records and progress (distance, speed). Of course, it is possible to listen to music, and a voice provides information on the performances. Please take a photo while running; it will be automatically geotagged… No more excuses to take breaks! I won’t tell you more and let you try it because this application, which is one of the best of its kind, is free.


This is one of our favorite apps for running or cycling. Like others, Strava allows you to track your activity and measure speed, distance traveled, calories burned, etc. GPS tracking of the route is also included, but that’s different from what is most interesting. Indeed, in many places in France, Strava users have created sections. 

In each section, you can discover the best times, compare your performance, and thus know where you stand. The app also offers small challenges, such as running 10 km in January. We can also compare ourselves with our friends. It is also this social side of Strava which is particularly interesting.

Other alternatives

  1. Nike Run Club: another reference of its kind
  2. RunMeter: not the most ergonomic, but perhaps the most complete
  3. Pumatrac

Daily activity!

Moving isn’t just about doing sports; it’s also about preferring to walk instead of taking the metro for two stops, going up the stairs rather than taking the elevator, etc. Finally, moving can also mean being active regularly during the day without necessarily being a great athlete. The following apps will help you maintain regular fitness activity.


Fitbit is one of the manufacturers of bracelets and other connected devices that allow the calculation of energy expenditure and other wearer parameters. Associated with its devices, the accessories maker offers an iPhone application allowing you to track your activity.

For owners of iPhone 5s and later, there is no need for a bracelet! In the app, we find in graphs, values, the number of steps per day or hour by hour, and the activity level: light, moderate or intense. Fitbit also allows you to track your running outings. The app is also simple and quite pretty.


Fjuul has the merit of working on iPhones without the M7/8 sensor. As soon as it is launched, the app will be forgotten. Carefully count all the steps and then transform them into points. To try to be as fair as possible, Fjuul will use the iPhone’s sensors to evaluate the intensity of the effort and award more points.

In order not to miss anything, it will have to run in the background, which has continually, let’s be honest, a slight impact on the autonomy of the iPhone. Of course, counting points would only be helpful if there was a means of comparison. First of all, it is possible to set a daily goal.

You can go more or less slowly to compensate for excess food (!) or even to measure yourself against yourself or the average of other users. Then, you can compare your score with that of your friends, and believe me, in the editorial office, it’s a lot of fun for us to see who has the highest score at each moment of the day. For those looking for a way to force themselves to move a little more, Fjuul may be just what you need.


Nike+ Training Club

Once again, a sports equipment manufacturer offers a quality application. This app in French is an actual coaching program that Nike has decided to offer, with videos, advice and everything to get you back in shape in less than a month.

7 Minute Workout

Even for those who don’t have time, there are no more excuses; 7 minutes a day is enough to get in shape. This app offers a series of varied exercises to do in just a few minutes every day.

It is simple to implement, and the program should be sufficient for those who want to exercise daily but have little time to devote.

5 minutes Of Pilates

After 7 minutes of activity, here are 5 minutes of Pilates to improve flexibility and strength of the body. Why not alternate the two? Five minutes of Pilates includes a series of well-detailed exercises requiring almost no accessories. The app is free, but a paid subscription offers programs over several weeks or months.

  1. 5 minutes of Pilates

In the same collection, you will also find:

  1. 5 Minutes of Yoga


Strengthening your abs is very difficult. But I found this app to help you. The principle is simple: it offers a list of daily exercises of a few minutes each. The French app provides at least 100 exercises—no more weariness, and hello, rock-solid abs.

  1. Strong abs in 30 days

Here is another app that will allow you, in its basic version, to create an actual program in over one month. Many videos are available there. Level 1 is free; however, you must check out if you want to go further. The same thing exists for the pectorals. The fact that there are two apps is not an excuse not to try one or the other.

  1. Abdominal workouts
  2. Chest workouts

On the same principle, try:

  1. Weight Loss Training

Not Just During Exercise

Heart Rate Measurement

Because a good athlete knows how to monitor his heart rate and because the iPhone can tell you a lot about it, here is an application that measures heart rate using the photo flash on your iOS device:

  1. Heart Rate+

There you have it; you no longer have an excuse not to take up sport this year with the iPhone and a good dose of willpower!

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