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5 Free Tools Essential To Verify E-Commerce Indexing

Do you often hear about programs that thoroughly analyze your website or e-commerce? These tools technically analyze your positioning on the SEO side and help you optimize to make yourself visible on search engines. Often they are expensive tools that only specialized agencies can afford, but often some tools give you the possibility of a limited or free way to do this SEO scan. Before starting, let’s see what the key points to consider are:

  1. On the first page of Google, there are nine clicks out of 10. Take advantage of the free tools that help you analyze and optimize your position on the Web and win qualified visitors;
  2. Work on the long tail and benefit from specific traffic;
  3. Analyze competitors’ web pages, take inspiration, and stand out ;
  4. Take advantage of the effectiveness of the traffic generated by the mobile version. Take advantage of all the opportunities.

Tools To Check Indexing On Search Engines

We list five tools that can help you keep an eye on the positioning of your website or online e-commerce.


Semrush is the complete software for keyword checking and many other integrated tools. In fact, by entering the URL of the website, you will be shown which keywords are ranked in the searches, refining the search by competition value. Thanks to the various options, it is also possible to monitor the positioning in an automated way with periodic sending of the percentage variations of the position according to predefined parameters. Definitely software for industry professionals, but you can sign up and try it for free for a limited time.

Ubersuggest – Neil Patel 

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is an excellent free tool that allows you to analyze all the SEO errors on your site and allows you to correct them to improve the ranking of your website. Easy to use and very fast, you can have access to all the analyzes you need in a few clicks. You will be able to carry out three daily searches for free and without subscribing to any subscription.

Online Seo Tester

Seo tester online allows you to check the SEO of your website, giving you a score from which to improve the ranking of your site. To get a complete overview of your data, you will need to take a free trial or sign up for a subscription, available in different plans. 

SEO Optimer

SEO Optimer is the most complete of the free online tools for checking the positioning of your websites. Provides a rating of your site by ranking it from A to Z, suggesting what improvements you should make.  Also, in this case, the number of searches is limited. If you find this service functional, you can upgrade and subscribe to the plan that best suits your needs. 


This tool shows which keywords a website ranks in Google SERP and which positions. The software provides not only a URL, location, and volume per keyword but also country code, language, cost per click, and level of competition in Google Adwords. The data is updated every month. Also, in this case, you can first make a free trial to get all the features provided in the complete package. 

Through these tools, it will undoubtedly be easier to check the indexing of your websites quickly and directly. Of course, a paid software like SemRush or many others on the market helps you, from various points of view, to generate more complete reports. Remember that knowing exactly how your website is positioned on search engines is essential to avoid losing traffic.


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