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Salesforce CRM: Features And Benefits

Would you like to improve on your showcasing exercises? Increment deals? Idealizing client assistance? Each business should have these objectives, and Salesforce CRM is the right partner to accomplish them. Clients are the thumping heart of your business. Without them, you would close your shop today. The Salesforce CRM stage permits you to redo the client, accomplice, and worker experience.

So, you can undoubtedly keep in contact with clients without losing any primary data and subsequently working on crafted by every business area. It is all around as much outside as internal unrest. Salesforce is a US company founded in 1999 and specializes in enterprise cloud computing solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, it immediately presented itself as an innovative company focused on three revolutionary models:

  1. A cloud-based technology model
  2. A subscription-based business model
  3. A corporate philanthropy model

Today CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) is an indispensable tool for companies that manage a large amount of data. Thanks to Salesforce, you can build a relationship with your customers, retain them, and exponentially increase your profits. You can manage relationships with actual and potential customers, collaborate and interact with employees and partners, and safely store data on the cloud through this platform. And let’s not forget that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Let’s see immediately what Salesforce CRM is precisely and what the benefits are for your company if you decide to implement it.

How To Innovate The Sales Process With Salesforce

Big data is a reality for every company, large or small. You can be the head of a start-up and a multinational, and in both cases, you cannot afford to ignore the data. In the first case, you have to manage them in the right way from the beginning to be competitive, and in the second case, you store so many of them every day that you need a specific management system. Information on customers or simple users comes from websites, social media, marketing activities, sales, events, applications. Data is an invaluable resource for understanding how the market is doing today, how it will evolve, what consumers are looking for, and their behaviors. 

This data helps you create an offer that best meets customer needs, thus making your business grow. Therefore, all companies that want to innovate must face the problem of big data and step-by-step and real-time analysis. The interpretation of data and information in the best way helps to be more competitive and, above all, helps to build a more effective business strategy. Monitoring big data with the Salesforce CRM platform means managing commercially valuable data collection, processing, and analysis. 

What Is Salesforce

A CRM is, to put it simply, a specific platform for managing relationships with your customers. It includes a whole series of tools to save the information relating to each customer, make it available to each employee who is authorized to access it, and there are also tools to build relationships with consumers day after day.  Through Salesforce CRM, you can manage both the relationship with existing customers and potential ones. What is the goal?

The better the management of the enormous amount of data that every business stores per minute today, the more it can raise its productivity. CRMs make it possible to improve the storage and use of data, but they represent a new and innovative way of working in a group based on the logic of advanced social collaboration. In addition, the new platforms replace the old software saved on company computers in favor of a cloud system. You can book a Salesforce consultation to discover all its potential, which we can summarize in: 

  1. Remote accessibility: through the cloud, you can access at any time and place, from a computer or mobile; 
  2. Security: Given the importance of the information contained, the platform is protected by valid security systems despite being cloud-based; 
  3. Scalability: allows you to manage more and more data as your business grows. 

Today’s CRMs should not be confused with a trivial information archiving system, but they are marketing, sales, and customer service tools.

The Features Of Salesforce

Among the features of primary interest of Salesforce CRM, we find: 

  1. Cloud system (requires no software installation);
  2. Flexibility;
  3. Personalization.

The success of CRM lies precisely in the constant uploading, updating, and sharing of data. The information thus becomes easily retrievable and summarized in reports and dashboards that allow entrepreneurs and managers to develop strategies even without being prominent data experts. Of each customer, it allows you to monitor: 

  1. Relations with contact persons;
  2. Actions taken;
  3. Shopping;
  4. Current opportunities;
  5. Conversation archive;
  6. Impressions of the employees with whom he related.

Today’s CRMs are very powerful because they use Artificial Intelligence to help you manage big data, and thanks to this, you can: 

  1. Identify role models;
  2. Monitor customer activity on your channels and platforms;
  3. Obtain reports that illustrate the company’s position in the market today and allow you to make predictions. 

Thanks to this tool, all work team members have the data they need available anywhere and at any time, without fear of losing important information during the process. 

The Benefits Of Managing The Commercial Pipeline With Salesforce

When choosing the cloud solution offered by Salesforce CRM, you must be well aware of the advantages you are facing to make the most of the platform’s potential. Among the advantages we find: 

  1. Step by step management of business opportunities in progress; 
  2. Constant analysis of the commercial pipeline with specific information on customers, services, sectors, geographical areas, and much more; 
  3. A single process to move within the Business Areas, which contributes to a working approach that is based on sharing the effort to achieve common goals; 
  4. Increased productivity of teams as they can work on data in real-time, even remotely; 
  5. Retrieval of historical customer information through the “search” function; 
  6. Creation of company reports and dashboards to monitor the commercial pipeline in real-time; 
  7. Increase in sales thanks to a better relationship and customer loyalty;
  8. Constantly updated security to keep sensitive customer information safe, protecting it from external attacks; 
  9. Less waste of resources and consequent economic advantage. 

Through a CRM consultancy, you can discover all the platform’s advantages, even the most technical ones, to understand how it can help your company grow. One of the strengths of CRMs is to adapt to any business in any product sector. Because all companies, by definition, work with customers. 

How Much Does Salesforce Cost?

The solutions proposed by Salesforce CRM are different, as happens for any similar solution. Next Engineering, for example, is a HubSpot specialized agency, as well as Salesforce, and offers various solutions based on the needs of your business.  As for Salesforce, there are several versions available with a monthly subscription. The versions are: 

  1. Essentials: € 25 per month with access for up to 10 users; 
  2. Professional: at € 75 with full functionality for teams with an unlimited number of users; 
  3. Enterprise: it is the most popular solution at € 150 as it is fully customizable; 
  4. Complete: at € 300, it offers unlimited potential and assistance.

Consulting with a specialized CRM implementation agency like Nextre can not only help you choose the most convenient version but can offer packages on possible integrations and can assist you as your business evolves. If you plan to take your business to the next level, you need to introduce Salesforce CRM into the company and do it in the best possible way.


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