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WordPress CRM Plugins: Top 5 Plugins Compared

WordPress CRM plugins assist you with enhancing contact with your clients. You can pick between free WordPress CRM arrangements with limited usefulness and paid premium devices.

What Is WordPress CRM?

Whether in the stationery, discount, fabricating, swap meet, or computerized space, excellent client support is the strength of a business. The people who comprehend their clients and their requirements will want to fulfill them and hold them. There are numerous helpful (and less valuable) apparatuses with which it is feasible to screen Client Relationship Management(abbreviated CRM, or the “client relationship the board”) most basically and successfully conceivable. Preferably, examination, promotion, deals, contacts, and backing remain closely connected. 

CRM is likewise a fundamental element for WordPress. Numerous WordPress modules assist with working on the connection among organizations and current or likely clients. This area is more than just tremendous additionally exceptionally perplexing. While specific organizations need an all-inclusive resource for everything from through and through Online business exercises to concrete information bases and following, for other people, a straightforward WordPress CRM module to assist with booking and client contact is all you want. We present five of the best devices accessible, with a synopsis of the fundamental highlights of each.

What Does A Good WordPress CRM Plugin Offer?

Flexibility: the CRM plugin must be able to grow with your company, so adding more data and having more detailed reports or more extensive lists should be acceptable.

  1. Add-ons: While you’ll only need a few basic features, your needs may change. For this reason, a good plugin should be expandable with appropriate add-ons. 
  2. Plannable costs: In many cases, investing in a good WordPress CRM solution can be cost-effective. It is essential that you can estimate the size of this investment in advance. Hidden costs or lack of customization options hurt the cost-benefit calculation.
  3. Ease of use: the best tool is of little use if it is not easy to use and takes too much time. Especially for groups of people collaborating on the same project, having a clear structure is very important.

Spot Hubs

The most complete yet easiest-to-use WordPress CRM plugin is HubSpot. The arrangement is free and permits you to give total client assistance, from direct contact to information assortment and checking to send robotized messages and pamphlets. The HubSpot CRM module can be introduced and designed with only a few snaps. The instrument deals with all communications between clients and the site when arranged. It offers an extra component of constant client care, email layouts, an instinctive intuitive manufacturer, lead following and age, the making of spring-up windows, programmed recharging of existing information, and various augmentations.


  1. Simple to use
  2. Many features and add-ons
  3. One program for all use cases
  4. Free basic version


  1. Some essential features available only for a fee

Who Is The HubSpot WordPress CRM Plugin Suitable For?

The HubSpot plugin for WordPress is incredibly reasonable for medium to huge organizations searching for a total item for their endlessly bustling site. It offers significant highlights in any event for private ventures, yet this module can be money-related trouble in the underlying phases of development.

WordPress CRM Plugins

The WordPress CRM modules’ basic version is free, making it a solid match for even the littlest organizations. The distinctive form, with additional help and extra highlights, is paid. This adaptability makes the arrangement appealing for some applications and permits it to develop with the brand. WordPress CRM Module is overseen straightforwardly and naturally in the dashboard. It is additionally accessible in various dialects and performs different undertakings.


  1. Free basic version
  2. Available in many languages
  3. Very easy to use
  4. Expandable


  1. Some add-ons are costly

Who Is WordPress CRM Plugin Suitable For?

Because of the various forms and different additional items, the WordPress CRM Module is focused on all organizations. Little organizations get a firm answer for nothing. Enormous organizations benefit from the large number. On account of this, the module likewise fits very well with steadily developing brands.


UPI CRM is primarily meant for lead generation and list maintenance. Nonetheless, the CRM module could be more fundamental in different regions: top-to-bottom examinations and reports give you a decent outline of your business and clients. The device is planned obviously and is appropriate, in any event, for fledglings. UPI CRM is entirely free. However, it only offers a considerable number of the highlights given by the opposition.


  1. Free
  2. Clear and intuitive
  3. Many customization options


  1. Few features

Who Is UPI CRM Suitable For?

UPI CRM will fulfill those who need a few highlights moved into one bundle and are searching for a total WordPress CRM instrument. In any case, this module will help private ventures that need a free yet significant arrangement.

wperp Extension

WP ERP is also free and a good tool with many essential functions. This WordPress CRM plugin is excellent, especially for managing customer data and creating and using a practical database. A special bonus is the accounting function, which makes the work of especially smaller companies easier. There are also several integrations available. The tool is a bit complicated for beginners. For more features and full support, there is also a paid plan.


  1. Free basic version
  2. Accounting function
  3. Many possible integrations
  4. Numerous useful functions
  5. Attractive design


  1. Complicated for beginners

Who Is WP ERP Suitable For?

WP ERP is an excellent choice for small businesses. The WordPress CRM tool offers many useful functions and an accounting program. Even if the functions are less numerous than the premium solutions, the basic version is still well-equipped.

Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM was initially known as “Zero BS WordPress CRM.” The name referred to the absence of excessive components and emphasized the plugin’s ease of use and lightweight design. Even after the renaming, this statement remained valid. The self-proclaimed “easiest and fastest” WordPress CRM plugin is, in fact, easy to use without too much prior knowledge. Jetpack CRM is also free and can be extended for an additional fee.


  1. Free basic version
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Responsive
  4. Many functions


  1. Some paid features only
  2. Available in a few languages

Who Is Jetpack CRM Suitable For?

Jetpack CRM is a good choice for small to medium businesses. All essential functions are included, and the tool is free to use. However, opting for a complete solution is better if you need more features.

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