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Why Choose Bitdefender VPN

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network: this technology allows you to create a secure virtual computer system that guarantees the privacy and anonymity of the data entered. Bitdefender VPN is a service that, in just a few steps, allows you to create this online space where you can protect Macs, PCs and mobile devices without needing them to be connected to the same LAN. Bitdefender is one of many companies to provide this service, but it is undoubtedly one of the best in this field. Let’s see together the pluses of their VPN service packages.

5 Reasons To Choose Bitdefender VPN

Using An Incognito Tab Is Not Synonymous With Anonymity

When browsing incognito, the IP does not disappear. The only thing that is not logged in is your online activity. By using Bitdefender VPN, however, your IP will also disappear from your online activities. The service does not log your traffic, so anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

Privacy, Even On Public Networks

It often connects to free Wi-Fi zones, especially for those who work in public places. To use the internet, these places require access through their data: it is effortless to hack these services and exploit connected devices’ traffic. On the other hand, Relying on Bitdefender allows you to protect yourself even in this traffic and have an encrypted navigation system equal to that used at a military level.

Access To Content Not Available In Your Country

How often have you been unable to watch a film or TV series or visit a website because it was blocked in your country? Streaming services, for example, or government and university sites, check the IP address from which we connect to navigate and often block the use of certain content. Choosing Bitdefender VPN means overcoming these limitations and accessing websites and apps that would otherwise be closed to you.

Don’t Suffer Bandwidth Penalties

Some ISP infrastructures receive very high traffic, and often, due to a lack of time to organize the networks, they limit the bandwidth according to the traffic you use. This means that you may have problems streaming videos or downloading content. With Bitdefender, your traffic is encrypted, so the infrastructures don’t know what you are doing while you surf and will not be given any limits.

Save On Purchases

It may seem trivial, but when your IP is monitored, e-commerce portals can understand how often you visit a particular product, such as a flight from Milan to the Maldives. If you visit the site multiple times, you will see the price increase because the travel company knows you are interested, so they try to use this system to their advantage. With Bitdefender, on the other hand, your IP address is obscured, and no one will be able to know which offers you are looking at, so you will always find the best price for your purchases.

Bitdefender VPN: Your Partner For Online Privacy And Anonymity

Choosing Bitdefender VPN means being safe whenever you open a browser and navigate. The packages offered for the service include annual subscriptions or monthly payments starting from €2.49 per month. They are one of the best services for value for money, and for those who are not satisfied, a full refund is provided within 30 days of purchase. Bitdefender VPN is not only for individuals but also offers specific packages for companies that need to install secure services on their company devices to protect their customers’ data and anonymity.

Furthermore, for companies, the service guarantees a data protection system against hackers and disclosure, thus avoiding attacks or information leakage and being protected at any time. The systems that Bitdefender builds are designed for both large and small and medium-sized businesses that need a security partner to defend against any threat, such as ATP attacks and ransomware.

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