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10 E-Commerce Tips For Your Website

To generate online sales, a good e-commerce website is essential. It’s not just about a simple sales platform. An excellent online shop must be well thought out and designed to make the sales process optimal for the customer. Here are our ecommerce tips to keep in mind when building your site. 

Pay Attention To Corporate Design And UX

The design of your e-commerce is crucial for the user’s first impression. So the appearance of your online store is valuable. An online shop that takes corporate design into account is ideal. You have invested a lot of time and money to create it, and you can be proud of it. So show it. Your e-commerce website is the digital equivalent of the storefront. A shop with yellowed goods behind a dusty payne would hardly appear inviting to you and make you want to browse. The same applies to your online shop.

In addition to the graphic design, the simple navigation of your online shop also plays a significant role. If a customer quickly finds what he is looking for, thanks to a straightforward menu, this can positively affect your sales. User experience is a critical factor in why a customer buys from you and not from another retailer. Good usability is one of our ecommerce tips that can improve the customer experience and increase the conversion rate and customer loyalty. 

Various Elements And Features For Your E-Commerce

To improve your online shop and convince more consumers to buy, the entire process should be reconsidered and not just the ordering or checkout process. Therefore, it is essential to give e-commerce a clear structure, use call-to-action wisely to the consumer, and consider other tools to boost sales.

Besides the classic “shopping cart” where items are placed before purchase, several other elements and features are considered. For example, a favorites list can appeal to those users who take longer to decide. A search function can help those users who are still looking for articles or solutions and want to click through the entire selection in a product category or brand.

A User-Friendly E-Commerce

Nothing is more annoying as a consumer than not being able to find the product you are looking for easily. That’s why it’s essential to adapt your e-commerce platform to all possible search queries. By adding selection criteria and filters to the search function, you can make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Another tip is not to create separate product pages for a product that you sell in several colors or sizes but to integrate the different options into the page. This creates a good overview of your offer, and customers become resourceful as quickly as possible. 

Ecommerce Tips For Your Product Pages

Well-designed and insightful product pages for the offered products in your online store attract the visitor’s attention. But the pages not only have to look good and contain all the relevant information, but they also have to be structured and written so that search engines can find the product pages and your online shop can be found in the search results of Google & co.

Here Are A Few Tricks On How To Do That

  1. Illustrate Your Pages With Beautiful Photos: It is worth working with professional photographers who can put your goods in the perfect light. In addition to sharpness, indicators for professional images are the correct exposure, good resolution, a suitable or clean background, the correct image section, etc.
  2. Create A Complete And Compelling Product Description: Almost empty product pages will not get your e-commerce business going. On the one hand, you bring nothing to the customer and risk that a visitor will switch to the competition. On the other hand, product descriptions should be SEO-optimized and definitely part of your content strategy to be displayed on search engines. 
  3. Match Your Speaking Style To Your Audience: When building your product pages, you should consider your target audience. Your vocabulary should be consistent with how your prospect will use the language. Avoid technical language and instead emphasize the strengths of the product. The simpler the sentences are, the more impact they have.

Perfect Presentation

It’s up to you to seduce the visitor. The product presentations of your online store must immerse the Internet user in the universe of your product so that he can discover all the aspects and advantages of the product. In addition to a well-formulated description that highlights the strengths, you can also enrich your product pages with a short video, a photo gallery, or a 360° view of the product. Be creative and innovative! 

Promote Individual Products

Instead of just advertising your entire online shop with various e-commerce marketing measures, it can also pay off to focus on individual products. For example, you can write a blog post about a specific product that describes its benefits. Another idea is to hold a raffle where you can win this product. Entrants who did not win the product could still purchase it later. You can also set discounts on specific items or services.

Collect Customer Data – Data Protection Compliant

The more you know about your customers, the better you can satisfy them — and the better you can tailor your e-commerce marketing strategies to your audience. Customer satisfaction also means being able to anticipate your customers’ needs based on what we know about them: their profile, tastes, habits, the types of products they are interested in, etc. Thanks to this valuable information, you have as an online retailer, you have all your cards at hand, provided you have considered data protection.

If you have a customer database that complies with data protection regulations, you can, for example, start an email marketing campaign to send information about new offers to existing customers or start a regular newsletter. This increases loyalty and customer loyalty. Other online marketing measures are also possible. Based on the above data analysis, you can, for example, place targeted advertising on online channels such as social media. 

Turn Customers Into Loyal Customers

As an online retailer, have you already managed to convince customers? Then it’s on to the next step. Turn a one-time customer into a regular customer. Don’t hesitate to put the customer first. The aftercare of your customers is generally an important topic. It is no different with e-commerce. There are many ways you can retain your one-time customers. This includes customer cards, regular customer discounts, small gifts on birthdays or birthday discounts, private sales, etc.

Another option, as mentioned above, is to work with emails. A regular newsletter in which the customer is kept up to date on news and offers could, for example, deliver the desired result and encourage the consumer to buy again. In addition to emails in the format of a classic newsletter, you can also send surveys or quizzes to your existing customers and contacts.

No matter which online marketing measure you decide to use to retain customers to your webshop in the long term, you should never forget what leads to success when it comes to retention. Show the customer that you care about them and want to know what they need or could help them. Be tactful and don’t put your intent to sell as much product as possible ahead of your customers’ best interests. 

Shopping Cart To Send

The function is not yet widespread in online shops, but this feature deserves your attention. What is it made of? With a shopping cart that can be sent, a webshop user can add goods to the shopping cart during his visit but does not have to buy them immediately to lose his selection. The potential customer is more likely to save the selected items in the shopping cart as a digital shopping list and send it to himself or a third party by email.

What’s the benefit? If the visitor does not have time to complete the order or is not ready to make a purchase, it can be done later. The visitor can easily find his product selection in his mailbox later and continue shopping. A shopping cart that can be sent is also an advantage for those potential customers who are not looking for products for themselves but, for example, for gift ideas for friends and relatives.

Sending the shopping cart also offers you, as the operator of an online shop, the opportunity to receive customer data by asking the customer whether they are interested in your newsletter and whether you can use their email address for advertising purposes. If so, it’s up to you to start using the proper email marketing because email marketing is an excellent strategy to increase your conversion rate. 

Offer The Best Service With Our E-Commerce Tips

Operating an online shop that focuses on the customer means offering a complete service, including customer advice and an intuitive purchasing process. Internet users are kings when comparing different offers, manufacturers, and online shop operators from home before deciding on an offer. Arguments that convince can be, for example, ultra-fast and free shipping, free returns, reviews, customer service backed by actual employees, and much more. Keep in mind that even the most minor changes in the eyes of online users can make a big difference and can be crucial factors that drive sales. 


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