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Using The PHP Language On Your Website: 7 Practical Examples

Intro: PHP Is One Of the most used languages ​​​​by programmers because it is particularly simple, free, and open source. Although it has been created for over 25 years, completing a php course can still be considered a very important step in creating a level technical background for those who want to try their hand at a web developer career, and this is why it is an integral part of many specialized courses available on the market.

Among these, the proposal by Aulab deserves special mention. A company that offers a complete and immersive course lasting 3 months that allows students to enter the world of programming with teaching that pays attention to both the theoretical and practical aspects aimed at entry into the world of work as soon as possible. Here are some practical tips for using PHP within a website.

Greater Security For Your Site

PHP is a great language for implementing the security aspect within a site. In a society that uses the Internet massively, the threats that users face daily are increasing, and this requires additional effort to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. A study revealed that almost 65% of the sites on the net have faced security problems in one way or another.

Optimal Management Of Communications With Customers

An expert PHP programmer has the possibility of optimizing some aspects relating to customer relationship management in just a few steps by creating specific mailing lists – through which it is possible to send communications and notifications about your products and any offers to selected targets – which allows you to say goodbye to third-party tools that are popular but often fail to meet the specific needs of the company. 

Integration Of Cloud Technologies

The Cloud is one of the most important technological innovations of recent years and has allowed many companies to improve the management of the amount of data that their business carries with it. PHP allows you to integrate this technology simply on your site thanks to the frameworks based on this language, which are effective at the disposal of programmers.

Simplified Image Management

Thanks to the GD libraries – accessory components of the PHP language specifically designed to facilitate image management – it is possible to export, generate, or process elements in the most diverse graphic formats, such as jpeg, png, and gif, to name a few.

Creating Filters Like Those On Instagram

PHP can also be used effectively for image editing thanks to the creation of special filters. This feature has decreed the enormous success of social platforms such as Instagram and PHP, through special extensions, can help you create perfect images that you can insert on your website.

Developing A Fast And Effective E-Commerce Platform 

Php framework is a functional basis for creating websites without working on their construction from the ground up, a long and particularly demanding process. Discuss reliable and useful tools like Symphony, Laravel, and Codeigniter. This aspect is of fundamental importance, especially for those companies that want to offer their services within a unique e-commerce platform, ready in a short time, practical, stable, captivating, and user-friendly.

AMP Feature For Faster Site Speed

The acronym AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and is a component in various PHP frameworks that allows the creation of lighter and faster websites with a higher page loading capacity. This aspect is also of considerable importance in terms of optimization within search engines as it will improve the site’s ranking within them.

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