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Trust://browser_enable – How To Enable The Trust Browser

If you want to know about ‘Trust://browser_enable‘ and how to enable it, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will learn the various methods of enabling it on Android and iOS devices. We will tell you how to enable the Dapp browser on the trust wallet. Please read further to know the complete information on the trust browser.

Before we learn how to enable the Trust://browser_enable, you should know the meaning of Trust Browser, Decentralized apps, and Trust Wallet. They are as follows.

What is Trust Dapp Browser?

Trust Browser is an advanced Web3 platform to access decentralized apps. It lets the users access the Dapps securely. The users find innovative and inventive Dapps on the Trust Browser. It is a reliable platform where users can be sure of uncompromised safety and security. The UI interface is intuitive and well-accessible to all users. The users can enable Trust Browser on both Android and iOS devices.

What are Decentralized apps?

Decentralized apps, known as Dapps, are digitally running applications. They function based on the blockchain or peer-to-peer mechanism. Unlike traditional apps, which run on a centralized network, Dapps runs on a chain or series of interlinked computers. So, Dapps has nothing to do with a specific organization like the traditional ones.

To make you understand better, web-based apps Facebook or Twitter are owned by a specific organization controlled by Meta computers. No other body or organization can make changes to these apps as they run only on the authority of a specific organization. However, the opposite is true in the case of Dapps, as they run under multiple bodies or participants in the network. The best part is the Dapps which run on the blockchain mechanism, are safer and more secure than the traditional apps.

At present, there are very few decentralized apps, and Trust Wallet is expanding its community and striving to make them available to all users. Now we will see the process of Trust Browser enabling for both Android and iOS.

Mention the process to access Dapps on Trust Wallet

You can follow the following steps to access Dapps on Trust Wallet.

  • Go to the Trust Wallet download page on your device.
  • Get the Trust Wallet app or download it from there.
  • After downloading, install the Trust Wallet app.
  • Note down the recovery seed phrase if required in the future.
  • Now start using Dapps on Trust Wallet.

How to enable Trust://browser_enable on Android?

The process to Trust://browser_enable is very easy on Android. You should have an android smartphone with the Trust Wallet app installed. Follow the steps carefully to enable Trust Browser on Android.

As said above, download and install the Trust Wallet app on your Android device.

  • Open the Trust Wallet app.
  • Next, click on Settings present at the bottom right.
  • Then go to the preferences from the list and select it to open a pop-up screen.
  • As the next page opens, select the Dapp browser and tap on the enable option to turn it on.
  • After enabling the Dapp browser, launch it by clicking on the icon on the navigation bar.

Now, you have completed the Trust Browser enabling process. You can start using the Dapps from the menu at the bottom by tapping on it.

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How to enable Trust://browser_enable on iOS?

The process to enable Trust Browser on iOS is not easy as on Android. It is tedious as some time ago, a tweet by Twitter implied that Dapp was removed from iOS. So, there are no chances to enable Trust Wallet Browser on iPhone. However, we have provided two methods to help you enable it.

Method 1:

  • Launch the Safari web browser on your device. Safari browser is preferable to the other browsers.
  • Then open the website on the browser.
  • After opening the website, click on the option at the top, ‘connect the wallet.’ From there, select the Trust Wallet from the available wallets.
  • Launch the wallet by clicking on it.
  • You will see a pop-up message, “pancakeswap wants to connect to your wallet,” which is the authentication code.
  • Confirm it by clicking on the connect button at the bottom of the page, which will enable the Pancakeswap Dapp browser or Trust Wallet.

Method 2:

Here is another method to enable Trust Browser on an iOS device. As said earlier, it is a tough process on iPhone. You can try this method too to Trust Enable Browser. We hope you successfully launch the Dapp browser through either of the methods. Check out the second way.

  • Open the Safari browser and type the URL, ‘trust://browser_enable‘ in the search bar or copy and paste the link.
  • Then you will find a pop-up message with two options, “open” or “cancel.”
  • Click on “open.”
  • This enables the Dapp or Trust Browser.
  • Thus, you can choose or select your favorite Dapps and start exploring them.

Are the assets on the Trust wallet safe?

Trust Wallet is highly secured, as your assets are securely stored in the blockchain. So, you need not worry about losing them. Trust Wallet is the gateway to Dapps. It improves your access, and you need a Trust Wallet to access Dapps. Blockchain technology ensures the safety of your data.

Irrespective of your device’s operating system, you can turn on the Trust Wallet Enable Browser. The assets in the Trust Wallet are safe in your blockchain. Your amount cannot be stolen even if you don’t use it. It is safe there forever. The number of assets you have is present on your blockchain record. So, you need not worry.

Is Apple against Dapps?

Most application creators feel that Apple requires control over the Dapps, without which it cannot confirm the use of Dapps on its devices. Apple makes no official statement regarding Dapps and Trust Enable Browser, but it is understood.

Dapps do not follow the exact guidelines and policies of Apple. So, Apple does not share or provide any information or restrictions against Dapps. The systems or computers on which Dapps overlap the controls of the centralized body system. Dapps do not have specific norms or protocols. So, Apple denies recognizing them. So, it does not mean that Apple is against Dapps.

What are the pros and cons of Dapps?


  • The apps are decentralized and operate on an open public platform.
  • Due to the innovative contract technology, Dapps do not encounter downtime issues.
  • Dapps ensure perfect security and privacy when you enable Trust Browser on Trust Wallet.
  • Strong crypto technology ensures your data safety.
  • You need not worry about any type of transaction as it is trustworthy.
  • Due to the advanced smart technology, a bug cannot affect the performance of the blockchain network.


  • Dapps are pretty tough to maintain.
  • The users may find it slightly difficult to get a smooth user experience.
  • When making many transactions, the apps get overloaded.
  • The transactions might get stuck sometimes while using Dapp on Trust Wallet.

Wrapping up

I hope you understand how to enable Trust Browser on Trust Wallet on Android and iOS. It is a tedious process on iOS devices; however, you can follow the two ways mentioned in the article to enable it. Dapps are slowly fetching the attention of users due to many advantages. So to use Dapps on your smartphone, you should enable Trust Browser on Trust Wallet.

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