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Amazon ERC Number – When Does The Amazon ERC Number Work?

The Amazon ERC number is (888) 829-7180. The workers of Amazon use the Amazon ERC number to get solutions to their queries regarding their work. When the employees face difficulties or problems in their fieldwork or project, they call the Amazon ERC number to get the required assistance from the HR team.

If you are here to know about the Amazon ERC number, you are at the right place. In this post, we provide complete information on the Amazon ERC number. Amazon ERC is the abbreviated form of Amazon’s Employment Resource Center. Amazon ERC acts as a bridge between the employees and the company’s Human Resource department. The primary purpose of Amazon ERC’s Human Resource department is to help with the problems or queries the employees face during their work. Amazon is a renowned e-commerce company worldwide. Millions of people utilize its services. So, to deal with the difficulties of its employees in carrying out their duties efficiently, a large number of 2500 to 3000 Amazon ERC’s HR desk people work strategically to provide workable solutions to their workers.

Amazon is an established company in more than 48 nations and has workers carrying out their duties in every nook and corner of the world. There are 9 Employment Resource Center locations across the globe from where the Amazon ERC staff provides support to the workers working in 48 nations and more than 15 different languages. The Amazon ERC staff are available 24/7 via call, mail, or chat. The most surprising and interesting fact is there are around 1,125,300 Amazon employees besides 1,750,000 temporary and seasonal workers.

What is the role of Amazon’s HR Department?

The Human Resource department of any organization plays a vital role in the smooth running of the organization. The HR department is essential for the organization to develop in all areas. The HR department of any organization is essential to maintain a balance between the workers and the administrators. The Human Resource department of Amazon has well-trained professional employees who work efficiently in carrying out their duties. They manage the organization’s workforce and ensure employees’ compliance and workplace safety.

The HR department of Amazon has been playing a crucial role in the extensive development of the organization worldwide. Even during the pandemic, when the employees of Amazon were working from home, the HR department worked efficiently and was reachable to the workers through the Amazon ERC number. It provided services efficiently even during the crisis. The Amazon HR number is 00 1 206-922-0880.

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How is the Amazon ERC number used?

As said above, the ERC number is useful to the workers of Amazon, through which they can contact the HR department regarding their work, projects, and queries in their daily work. The workers can contact t the ERC department, aided by the Human Resource sector, to find out about their payrolls, project status, work shifts, problems in the field, and many more. The staff is available to take calls during the working hours of the business days. During odd times, the workers can either chat or send an email mentioning their query. The queries are addressed as early as possible. Thus, the HR department sees that the day-to-day work is carried out smoothly.

The staff of the HR department is well-trained to deal with complicated situations with intelligence and efficiency. They try to maintain a cordial relationship between the workers and the administrators. They try to solve the issues with accuracy and provide timely responses. The ERC provides HR assistance for all employees with self-service tools.

When does the Amazon ERC number work?

  • The Amazon ERC number is (888) 892-7180.
  • The workers can call the ERC number between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on all working days.
  • A wide range of 2000 to 3500 employees are working from different locations globally to attend to the issues and queries of the employees.
  • You should call between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM to get immediate solutions or the best service.
  • Besides the working hours, the workers can drop an email or chat online at any time during the day. The queries are attended to within 24 hours of a working day.

What is the working strategy of Amazon ERC?

  • The Amazon ERC and the Amazon HR team work hand-in-hand in dealing with the problems of the employees.
  • The Amazon ERC and the HR department work in coordination to deal with sensitive matters with great insight. They work efficiently to solve subtle issues.
  • The Amazon ERC team is well-experienced in providing workable solutions to the complex issues faced by the employees in their regular work.
  • When you call on the Amazon ERC number to tell your query, a representative responds and tries to solve the issue as the earliest. This is how the Amazon ERC number is helpful.

Mention the step-by-step process to contact the Human Resource Department

The Amazon ERC number or the Amazon Employment Resource Number is helpful in getting solutions to queries or general issues of the workers regarding their projects and activities concerned with their fieldwork. However, the staff must contact the Human Resource department for any significant issues.

The step-by-step process of how the employees and HR team connect is mentioned below.

  • You can contact the HR team of Amazon through an email, ie.,
  • You can also contact HR through a mutual friend on LinkedIn.
  • If you have known a friend or former employee of the Amazon HR team, then it would be a great way to contact Amazon HR.
  • You can also ask a friend who is an employee of Amazon to refer you if you are interested in working in the organization.
  • You can go to the campus and meet HR directly to join the organization.


Amazon ERC number, (888) 829-7180, connects the employees with the ERC department, assisted by the Human Resource sector. The numerous employees of the Amazon ERC department work efficiently to solve the queries and issues of the workers. Besides calling during working hours, the workers can also drop an email or leave a message online. The HR department of Amazon is the strength of the organization as it plays a crucial role in the smooth running of the company.

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