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The Main Tools For Those Who Do SEO

There is no better tool than the human brain. This is very true, but it is also true that there are SEO tools that make the life of SEO professionals immensely easier or, more generally, of those who care about the positioning of their website. SEO software helps you make otherwise long and tedious tasks faster and easier.

They help you spot errors that you wouldn’t otherwise notice by allowing you to correct your SEO strategy before it’s too late. In short, they are part of the tools of the trade of those who work closely with Google.

SEO Utilities Can Be Divided Into Three Categories

Paid SEO Software

They are very complex and articulated suites that allow you to obtain very sophisticated data and reporting, allowing you to monitor and analyze everything that happens on your site or web project. You will have exactly everything you need in a single platform or interface.

Premium SEO Software

They are professional SEO programs made available for free, but as they are free, they do not offer you all the features present in the premium version of the same software. They are good tools even if, by their nature, they are suitable for use on projects of limited size.

Free SEO Software

These are primarily free utilities helpful in monitoring or analyzing a single SEO aspect of your site. Combining several free utilities, you could still have valuable data for the SEO performance of your site, but it would still be an analysis that is still very far from what you could get from a paid tool.

One of the leading paid solutions in our country is the SEOZoom SEO suite. SEOZoom is a business intelligence tool calibrated on what the Italian market is. It provides very detailed information on the SEO overview of our website and that of our organic competitors. Provides lots of data and timely reports regarding keyword research, optimizations, inbound links, and content.

It also offers an academy with all the information material you might need. The online support is very courteous as well as helpful. The software is available in different packages depending on the number of projects (i.e., websites).


It is a solution similar to SEO Zoom but at the same time infinitely more complex. It is ideal for companies that want a tool that supports them in web marketing even on international markets and is helpful in SEO and PPC campaigns.


On the other hand, is a specific tool for analyzing the backlinks of a website. Therefore, it is an essential tool if we are carrying out the link audit of a website to trace its backlink profile. An indispensable tool if we are planning a link-building campaign or, more generally, an OffPage SEO activity, or if we are perhaps looking for the causes of a penalty.

Screaming Frog 

It is an SEO spider that scans your site, URL by URL, just like a search engine bot would. It is the holy grail of Onsite SEO, a truly indispensable tool to determine if something is wrong with your site that the Google spider could detect. Screaming Frog is the perfect example of freemium software as it can be downloaded and used for free. Still, its free version allows you to analyze a maximum of 500 URLs. This limitation makes it suitable for mainly analyzing small-sized projects while making it appear insufficient for crawling large sites such as eCommerce. 

As for free tools, there is a vast ecosystem of free tools, but among them, the best and most popular are undoubtedly those made available by Google itself. Let’s see the main ones.

Google Analytics

This is the visit monitoring tool par excellence. Forget ShinyStat, Awstats, or the analytical reading system of your Cpanel. This tool provides you with the same analytics considered by Google and provides you with exciting data on visitors, quality and quantity of visits, traffic sources, etc.

Search Console Ex Webmaster Tools

It is the tool that correlates your site to Google search, providing you with an image of how Google views your site. You will be able to understand the indexing status of your site, any errors, queries that bring traffic to your site, etc.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

The tool evaluates the site’s speed, user experience, and SEO ranking.

Structured Data Testing Tool

A tool that analyzes the correctness of the structured data installation.


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