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SEO For Your Website : Why It Matters And Where To Start

Do you know what SEO is? What does this abbreviation mean, and for what reason is it fundamental for your automated procedure? You have likely gone over this term searching for data on the best way to work on the presentation of your site or draw in guests inspired by your item or administration.

Indeed, I can affirm that you are perfectly positioned! Assuming you are beginning without any preparation, you don’t have the foggiest idea of SEO, and you need to discover more about how and why this apparatus can be exceptionally helpful on the web, read this article cautiously.

What Is SEO, And Why Is It Important For Driving Traffic To Your Website? 

The shortened form SEO addresses Search Engine Optimization or site improvement. It includes that promoted system, which focuses on the strategies and approaches to beat the Google computation and position itself among the top recorded records. As of now, imagine you google “How to make a site.” 

By crushing enter, you will see a movement of associations with locales that Google decides for you, reliant upon the degree of significance with your interest. The target of building an SEO-organized site is to have people enlivened by your organizations track down you for the right expressions. This way, the whole SEO framework contains an essential piece around which all the progression turns: the watchwords.

The Role Of Keywords

Queries or, to put it more simply, keywords are the searches we perform on Google. Learning about them, identifying them, and understanding their differences is the key to a successful SEO strategy. To write an article, a text, or a simple SEO-Oriented web page, the first step is to identify the keywords you want to rank for. In short, if you don’t even know what the target query is, Google won’t understand who to show your content to.

There are two different types of keywords:

  1. Long-tail keywords
  2. Short tail keywords differ in the number of words that make them up.

For example, ‘website’ is a very general short tail query that has a high monthly search volume. “How to build a corporate website” is a long tail keyword because it is more specific, and, for this reason, fewer users will search for it every month. You might ask yourself at this point: long-tail or short tail? Where to start from? 

The choice depends on the current stage of your website that you can only identify with appropriate analysis. We will give you more information on this point in the final paragraph. For now, it is good that you know this. If your site is very young, you should focus on long-tail keywords. If it is already established, you can start moving to short queues.

Types Of SEO: Onsite And Offsite

SEO is a complex subject where writing and text optimization are only a small part. There are mainly two different types of SEO optimization: Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO. By Onsite SEO, we mean all those SEO elements that we can control directly within our website. This category includes the structure of the site itself, the subdivision of the menu, the categories of the articles, the choice of keywords, internal links, and the writing of the texts. Then there is another very important part of SEO that concerns everything that happens Offsite, that is, outside your website. 

Google is very interested in external sites and resources that link to your website. To dramatically improve your positioning, you can create a network of links and sites that point to your articles and pages to increase your authority in the search engine’s eyes. This is the whole world of Offsite SEO that operates through backlinks, i.e., links pointing to your site from the outside. Did you clarify what SEO is, but you don’t know where to start? Keep reading!

Where To Start For A Perfect SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is the starting point to understand the current state of your website and take the right steps to make it grow in Google’s eyes. Two different types of analysis that meet the various specific needs of the customers with whom we interface every day.

Light Analysis

Let’s explore the SEO positioning of your website in a general way, the main keywords, and the authority it has reached on Google. You will understand if some of your pages are positioned and for which searches the main keywords (best, potential, rising, and falling) to get a rough indication of the most interesting parts of your site.

Deep Analysis

We have thought of the second type of analysis for those who want to take the SEO of their website to a higher level. With the SEO Deep analysis, in addition to the SEO Light analysis activities, we go to probe more specifically the market of your competitors. We will understand together how you can position yourself for relevant keywords. We will define the technical improvements. We will check if your site is built correctly or needs optimizations.



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