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Pinterest Shop: The 5 Most Important Steps To Selling

Pinterest is a mix between a social network and a collection of images users use for inspiration. It is a kind of online bulletin board where all personal interests can be collected. Whether fashion, cars, jewelry, or food – everyone can pursue their goods via the platform. The Pinterest founder himself describes it as a “catalog full of ideas.”

Pinterest is where you go window shopping online. Most of the time, you are not looking for a specific product – but you still find something in the end. A shopping function has recently been added to convert the find into a purchase quickly. So you want to play a role with Pinterest Shop in the vast cosmos of e-commerce. The motto: Find what you love.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. The name is composed of the English words “pin” (pin) and “interest” (interest) together. It is primarily used as a source of inspiration. With billions of pins, there’s always an inspirational idea to remember on boards. You can also create your Pins and share your thoughts with other users on Pinterest. On your home feed, you can find Pins, users, or companies that have been selected for you based on your activities. You can also see Pins from people you follow. If you want to search for pins, you must type keywords into the search bar. So you can quickly discover ideas, users, and trends.  

If you find something you like, you can save it with a pin. Pins are virtual bookmarks designed to collect your ideas. Click the red Save button to add it to your wall. Your saved pins appear there, and you can name them and arrange them as you like.  You can also create pins yourself. Upload an image, create a title and a description, and add a website link if possible. Pinterest can also be used as a shopping platform. If you’re looking for a product Pin, it can take you to the retailer’s website. As a business, you can use Pinterest primarily to establish your brand, generate traffic, increase your newsletter subscriptions and sales, and acquire new customers. 

The topics of food and drink, travel or furnishing, and living work particularly well on Pinterest. Some facts about Pinterest users are fascinating. Statistics show: The users are predominantly female, wealthy, and educated. Most users state that Pinterest is their first port of call for a new project. Pinterest is worth it for companies. It’s an effective way to increase brand awareness, generate traffic on the website, acquire newsletter subscribers and sell products. Blog articles and videos can inspire users and thus strengthen customer loyalty in the long term. 

Pinterest Shop In 5 Steps

Using the Pinterest Shop feature can give your online business an extra boost. The shopping tag achieves high visibility on the platform. This always appears in the search results on Pinterest. Product Pins are a great way to offer users a purchase opportunity. These pins are enriched with metadata and specially formatted to let users know that the product is for sale. They included pricing information, availability, product title, and description. In just a few steps, you too can use this practical function for your company.  

Prepare The Catalog For Your Pinterest Shop

To use Pinterest Shop optimally, it makes sense to create catalogs. You can use the catalog feature to add your entire product range to Pinterest. The following integrations are currently supported:  

  1. Shopify 
  2. Lengow 
  3. ChannelAdvisor 
  4. GoDataFeed 
  5. Feedonomics 
  6. Products 

To use the catalog tool, you need a Pinterest business account, a Pinterest verified website, and a data source or file that contains a list of your products and their attributes. Each of your destination URLs from your data source must have a domain on the web that’s registered with Pinterest as a verified website for your business account. Up to 20 data sources can be created per account. Each data source is entered and checked every 24 hours. In this way, your Pinterest shop will also promptly receive updates from your online shop.

Pinterest automatically creates Product Pins for each of your products. They introduce your product and show details about the price. Clicking a product Pin takes users to your store’s product page. In this way, users can directly discover the most critical vital data. You can also set up Product Pins manually. You have to add so-called rich meta tags to your website. Pinterest will then check your site first. If a pin is created whose link leads to the reviewed page, it is displayed as a product pin under the “Shopping” tab.  

Set Up Pinterest Tags

Setting up tags is essential to track the performance of your campaigns in the Pinterest shop. You can either install them manually through code or using a tag manager. When using a tag, it is essential to note that visitors to the website must first give their consent via opt-in. You can find the Pinterest Ads Manager in the backend of your business account. The tag must be verified in the “Conversions” area by entering the URL. Once set up, you can use metrics to measure the effectiveness of your pins. 

Manage Product Groups

You can create your product groups manually or generate them from Pinterest suggestions. At this point, so-called product filters are entered, such as “jewelry,” “earrings,” “popular accessories,” or even “blouses” or “shoes.” It would help if you were extremely careful with this. Because if your products are entered via a data source, these filters must also be available there. Otherwise, it can happen that Pinterest does not transfer the products to a product group.  

Place The Suitable Ads

According to a report by Pinterest itself, your conversions and sales increase by 3x when you use shopping ads. The prices are still pretty low at the moment. So it makes sense to use and try out Pinterest ads.  


An important measure is the performance tracking of your Shopping Pins. It can help you to save on your budget and optimize advertising campaigns. The easiest way is A/B testing. To do this, create two Shopping Pins with the same link target but in a different design. The poorly performing pin should no longer be advertised after the result. In this way, individual pins and entire product groups can be measured. 

Pinterest Shop: Features For Merchants

With the Pinterest Shop work, you enjoy a few benefits as a retailer. Pinterest sent off the Verified Dealer program. Assume your shop meets Pinterest’s necessities for quality items and sites, and you have a reliably specific client support insight. Your shop will be acknowledged in the program. As a component of the Verified Retailer program, Pinterest is additionally reporting that it will offer a method for adding retailer subtleties to your profile. 

So you can show the upsides of your image straightforwardly in the profile. You can browse “capable cause of supply” or “beneficent responsibility.” You can likewise add which local area your idea has a place with – for instance, “Lady claimed” or “LGBTG+ possessed.” This permits your clients to see initially what makes your shop stick out. With the retailer customer-facing facade on your profile, you can tweak your Pinterest Shop tab to show your in-stock items by classification, item gathering, or dynamic proposals. 

Like this, you can make online window shopping considerably more charming for your clients. As a trader, you can add item labels to Pinterest utilizing the labeling instrument in Pin Builder. At the point when a client opens the perspective on a Pin with labeled items, they promptly see the subtleties, like the name and cost. If you tap on the imprint, you can call up the item pin and track down more factual data about the item.

Pinterest Shop: Features For Users 

Likewise, there are a few elements for clients that you ought to be aware of to advance your Pinterest shop. Pinterest clients can get to all the item Pins they’ve saved with the Shopping Lists highlight. Likewise, you will track down all data, like the value, evaluations, and delivery data. This permits you to look at items, and you will be told when one of the items you have noted at a bargain. Likewise, clients can utilize the Shop tab to get query items that main show items. 

So you can purchase accessible items from various retailers when you look for a particular term. By separating by cost or brand, they can tweak the hunt. Pinterest Camera likewise permits clients to effectively snap a photograph and utilize a visual hunt to find comparable items accessible on the web. You can get to the thing considerably quicker with the Pinterest Lens work. Clients will observe an alternate shopping segment on their divider. They can see accessible items that show up or are motivated by their saved Pins.

Pinterest Store: Conclusion 

The stage offers you numerous chances to sell your items through a Pinterest shop. You can utilize inventive ways of motivating your clients and, all the more critically: arrive at new and intrigued clients. Pinterest clients love to find new things and conceptualize thoughts. So the move began immediately and transformed your shop into a wellspring of motivation.


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