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Pinterest Ads: How To Get Started

Would you like to spread your advertising budget even more broadly in the future? Pinterest Ads can help you with this. Pinterest is more like a search engine for images than a social media platform. Together with the Social Media Examiner, you will find out today what Pinterest has to offer, and we will show you how to create your first Pinterest ad.

Why You Should Use Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is often seen as a social media channel, but users often have a different intention. On Pinterest, they collect pins that are important to them on online pinboards to forget. That is reasonably practical. So Pinterest is used as a search engine for images and graphics and less as a social network.


You are looking for ideas to redesign your garden. For the implementation, you can get inspiration from Pinterest on the subject of garden design. You are looking for possible plantings and suitable outdoor furniture. You are also considering how a swimming pond could be integrated.


This Is How You Set Up Your First Ad

  1. Start with the Ad format Before running your ad, you should think about which type of ad and which design would be best for you.
  2. Consideration Ads (formerly: Traffic Ads) aim to attract traffic to your landing page or your offer. For example, people looking for garden design may also receive advertisements on the topic of outdoor furniture.
  3. Conversion ads should also direct qualified traffic to your landing page or your offer. However, these advertisements are only shown to people who express a more profound interest in a product or service. This increases the likelihood that this target group will buy, i.e., convert.
  4. Shopping ads are ads that are optimized to target people with a specific buying interest. Currently, it’s the only ads on Pinterest that don’t allow videos as creatives.
  5. Start with targeting
  6. The tracking code that you can embed on your website helps follow your visitors on Pinterest in the best possible way.
  7. Attention: Pay attention to data protection. Your users must agree to the tracking. Make sure to include tracking in the privacy policy. Tracking codes are often accidentally deleted when websites are updated.
  8. Design your ad creative
  9. In this step, you decide which creative you want to use. As with other advertisements, the best way to learn is through your own experience. You can find out which creative is performing well for your products and make decisions. Pinterest video ads aren’t limited to seconds. We think short clips of up to 15 seconds are ideal.
  10. Note: As with Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is often used without sound. Make sure to include subtitles in your creatives. Even if your users have turned on the sound, Pinterest automatically mutes it. This means that a person must first click on the video to activate the sound.
  11. If you are starting on Pinterest, create organic campaigns first before dealing with the paid ads. Compared to picture ads, video ads are expensive. The Pinterest Ads Manager supports you to convert organic pins into ads. Everything you create should always follow the Mobile First approach: You should design texts and images so that they can be appropriately displayed on any mobile device.

Pro Tip

Test, test, test. It’s essential to test your ad design, headline, and description. Use Pinterest Analytics to get the most out of your ad budget and achieve the most excellent output for you.


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