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Synergy, How Do You Rely On Social Networks To Strengthen Your SEO?

And that’s a shame because there are many synergies between these two worlds. This is why, today, we are providing you with five key points on how your social media activity can help you strengthen your SEO.

Do Social Networks Influence Your SEO?

The question has remained unanswered for more than a decade! A little reminder of the facts…

So obviously, only Google knows the secrets of its algorithm and how much weight each factor weighs. The impact of social media on SEO has been asked numerous times, and has yet to get a clear and definitive answer.

However, over the years, key figures have left us some clues. Thus, in 2010, Danny Sullivan reported noticing that “social signals” would contribute to SEO ranking. The information would be confirmed by Matt Cutts sometime later, promoting the idea that “social pages could be ranking signals. “» However, he returned to this statement in 2014, saying that Google would not treat social profiles as ranking signals but as their organic search results. A position confirmed two years later by Gary Illyes.

In 2021, all SEO experts agree that the presence of a brand on a social platform does not directly influence its SEO BUT that it can, nevertheless, contribute indirectly by activating the right factors and accelerating its performance. It is on this premise that the entire strategy of synergy between SEO and social media is based. Because if there is no direct ranking correlation, social networks remain a severe asset to fueling SEO. To do this, we have identified five levers to activate.

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Social Platforms Increase Content Performance

Unsurprisingly, social networks are an excellent tool for opening access to the content you have created to profiles other than simple visitors to your website. To deprive yourself of it is to miss an opportunity to gain visibility. Beyond generating immediate traffic, relaying your content on social platforms is also an opportunity to boost your SEO.

Indeed, the more your content is visible to the most significant number of people, the more likely it is to generate engagement, sharing and interactions. There are so many positive signals which benefit your SEO ranking. So, of course, the impact is not direct and remains without guarantee, but the rope exists and deserves to be exploited!

Social Networks Are An Effective Lever For Generating Backlinks

By publishing your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and co, you give them visibility. By bouncing, you increase your chances of being identified by one of your readers as “good content”, content that you want to relay. And therefore, to create a backlink to your site.

However, as you know, backlinks weigh heavily in an SEO strategy. Any opportunity to create one is, therefore, a good one to take!

Since social platforms facilitate exchanges with community members, it is also easier to suggest to your interlocutor to take turns… On networks, content spreads much more quickly than if confined to your simple website. It is, therefore, much easier to create a virtuous circle. The result is more natural inbound links, which will flatter Google’s algorithm and demonstrate that your content deserves to be correctly indexed. It’s a way of showing him the way in this ocean of words!

Social Profiles Are Accessible On Specific Search Terms

You monitor the SEO ranking of your pages like milk on fire. Have you thought about checking how your social pages are going up? When Internet users search with a search term containing the brand, it is common for the brand’s social pages to rise in the Google rankings alongside the site.

This is a real opportunity, firstly, because these are places that your competitors will not have! Then, because part of your audience will potentially be more sensitive to discovering your brand universe via networks than directly on your site, mainly if they are still in the awareness phase or looking for a good deal, such as a code promo.

Your social page is generally more user-friendly than a website, which is more conversion-oriented. Specific profiles will be more sensitive to it and more easily convinced by switching from one to the other. Here again, this sends a positive signal to Google, which ultimately works in your favor, both on your SEO and on your conversion volumes. In short, create gateways and make sure your social profiles are well-indexed.

Social Media Generates Organic Traffic

We sometimes need to remember it, but being listed on Google is not an end! The goal is to drive traffic to your website and attract visitors who will likely convert. However, social platforms can naturally generate this traffic, too! More targeted, more engaged traffic from networks is less focused on the final stages of conversion and intention but more efficient at the entrance to the marketing funnel.

Thus, it is an effective way to attract natural traffic to a brand that still needs recognition, for example. And this is much faster than SEO, whose results can take months to stabilize. Furthermore, traffic from social platforms again helps send a positive signal to Google. Movement, which will ultimately impact the authority of the domain and, therefore, optimize its chances of being more visible in the SERPs.

Social Networks Generate Trust For The User

Consumers face a multitude of options when they need to make a purchase. Faced with this ocean of choice, users need reassurance to choose the best option. In this area, social networks offer many more indicators than Google. Comments, customer reviews, recommendations, the size of the community, and the number of shares are all elements that feed the social proof!

Conversely, a company absent from the networks can, in specific markets, arouse suspicion and create reluctance to purchase. In this sense, social platforms help you strengthen your online reputation and humanize your brand. Strong signals, which, again, feed the SEO basics and help your brand progress in Google results.

In conclusion, in 2021, your marketing strategy has two legs! And these must move forward together to nourish themselves. There needs to be more than just creating a social profile to boost your SEO and place your brand at the top of the SERPs. However, each asset mentioned will help you achieve this objective; don’t deprive yourself of it! With an SEO and a Social Media division, the JVWEB agency has the necessary expertise to help you develop these synergies; let’s discuss it!

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