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IP Geolocation: How To Do It

The IP address is the numerical code that all devices capable of connecting to the Internet are equipped with. From desktop PCs to smartphones via laptops, notebooks, and even Wi-Fi cameras. All in all, most people know what an IP address is. But it is often ignored that the IP address can be conveniently located. Let’s see how. The IP address does not arise out of nowhere but by assignment by the provider, the connection service provider. 

It is always a code of four numbers in sequence. Each number settles on a value between 0 and 255. Furthermore, the four digits are separated by a dot. The Ipv4 version is not the only version but the standard version. There is also the new Ipv6 format. It allows you to obtain practically unlimited IPs, composed of 8 groups, each formed by four hexadecimal digits. The changing IP addresses are the so-called. Dynamic addresses change once every 24 hours and by default, even after a single work session. 

They can also be set up for a new change on connection restart with the router. It is undoubtedly the most versatile tool for connecting, always in terms of the IP address that identifies the device. As stated initially, the IP address is traceable, even temporarily. Although the same finds differences for a definitive identification which proves to be more difficult (but here we are going into an area beyond simple geolocation). Apart from that, what are the best opportunities to geolocate an IP address?

The Most Profitable Opportunities To Geolocate An IP Address

First, Let’s learn to distinguish the optimal conditions for identifying an IP address. We always speak not of an overall identification but of the precise location from which that connection starts. While locating is always possible, precision is instead a variable. The variable that will depend on a high urban density, the latter factor undoubtedly favors a more precise identification. 

The opposite is true for areas with a relatively low population density. In the last case, to be clear, you only go within the connection province, or even you can’t go beyond the region. In the first case considered, however, the indications will be much more precise, with a completely different delimitation of the area from which the connection is made. But how to carry out geolocation? There are several specific services on the web, which we are going to illustrate.

Find Your IP Address

Let’s start with a premise before delving into identifying third-party IP addresses. You will not need one of the services in question to geolocate your IP address since it is a much more immediate and direct procedure. The most straightforward way is to go to one of the binding sites or simply to Google and search for our device’s IP address, whether definitive or temporary. Alternatively, an internal path can also be used without connecting. Let’s go to Start in the Windows Home, and then select the way described as follows: “Settings” – “Network & Internet”. 

Here you will need to choose your connection in use, whether it is Wi-Fi or other, and once selected, you need to open the properties, the box that allows you to read the IP address, next to “Ipv4” or “Ipv6” (depending clearly of the type of IP, as already described). Also, there is the appropriate browser extension to find out your IP. For example, the one for Google Chrome is called “What is my IP address? “which reveals, among other things, the geolocation of your IP. But the same also has different implications, as we shall see.

The Best Services For The Geolocation Of An IP Address

The services we are talking about are the so-called. “IP locators “. In any case, a few steps will be required, the decisive one being sending a particular link for traceability. But let’s go in order. The Chrome extension just mentioned, What is my IP address? Despite the name, it does not allow you to identify only your IP address. It also ranks as one of the most immediate ways to discover the geolocation of third-party IP addresses. 

If you have the IP address mentioned, type it, or copy and paste it into the central box of the service page. The next step is to click on the “Get IP Details” button, which as per the name, will lead to all the data on the IP reported (those available, of course, and mostly in terms of geolocation). Where conditions permit, similarly to what was seen previously, we will get the State, region, province, and city.

For genuinely optimal conditions, we will also obtain the geographical coordinates, therefore, with the precise position. Yes, it will even be possible to trace the physical address of the place of connection. A similar service is, a site that allows you to trace the IP address with an operation very similar to the one just seen for What is my IP address. The latter is very well known among users for being released by Google and for being able to be kept as an integrated extension in Chrome.

Now let’s talk about a third-party site, which, thanks to its similarities with the Google service, has also gained much following among the websites. Here too, a search field will appear to be filled in with the IP address, and then you will have to click on the magnifying glass alongside. This is the section at the top right of the service’s home page. The details provided will be equal to those of the Google service, but rather with something more.

If desired, The reference calculates the distance between one IP address and another. Just click the “IP Address Distance” button, enter the addresses on the respective lines that will appear, and finally click “Show Distance”. Among other things, before clicking this button, it is possible to set the calculation on a specific means of transport, whether the car, the bicycle or even the plane for the most considerable distances (or even intercontinental).

Just as you can calculate the journey on foot, it recommends where you know or believe the distance is short. It is an additional service, very detailed and worthy of absolute investigative methods on many occasions. Among the services in question, we could not mention the apps. Among the apps for iOS systems,” IP Locator” is the best known, downloadable from the Apple Store. Once the download and installation have been completed, start the application and touch “IP Location” on the open page.

Then, the line for typing or pasting the IP address of interest will appear. Then you must click on “Location IP “for a geolocation that reaches even the geographical coordinates if conditions permit. What about the Android alternative? The best known in this case is IP Checker, downloadable from Google Play. The operation always involves filling in the line above with the IP, and here you will have to click on the “Search” button. But in the case of this utility for Android, there is an added value: in fact, it includes the option that can be selected, after viewing the available data, relating to the display of the positioning on Google Maps.

Final Considerations

It is a type of service that the user can carry out independently, and it is complete and efficient. Naturally, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to arrive at further data beyond the positioning. For privacy reasons, this data can be managed by the connection service providers and the police. Where it is not considered convenient, or in any case, you prefer to keep your IP address private, it is good to know this is possible. Using a free VPN service, you can protect your privacy or security while browsing.

Another consideration can be presented inherently to telephone calls. Many users wonder whether or not it is possible to trace an IP address for a voice call. Unfortunately, this is impossible as the call does not have headers allowing geolocation of the origin. In any case, it is possible to trace the identity of the line’s owner through a landline number with an inverse search on the online service.

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