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How To Write Perfect Prompts For ChatGpt

To get the most out of the chatbot, you must ask it correctly. Here are the ten secrets of prompt engineering. The secret to writing effective ChatGPT prompts? Those who developed AI applications have moved in the wake of Natural Language Processing (NLP), the branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction between computers and human beings using natural language.

But how do you write a perfect prompt? The first books on the subject have already been published. And for months, programmers and content creators have been competing to see who knows more. Browser extensions, such as AIRPM, have also popped up, offering tailored prompts (free and paid), hinting at the future business of prompt engineering. Without going too specific, to communicate effectively withChatGPT, follow a few simple rules. Here are 10, culled from expert tips.

Prompt Engineering: How To Communicate With ChatGPT

Defining The Role Of ChatGPT

The first indication to give to ChatGPT is the role it will have to assume in the conversation, such as a psychologist, lawyer, expert on a specific topic, or… poet. Defining identity is essential to help AI give us timely answers.

Describing The Context

Explicit context, making known to ChatGPT the target audience (“Write as if you were talking to two 10-year-olds”), and the communication channel can help AI generate more appropriate content.

Tailoring Tone And Format

Indicating the appropriate tone, style, and format for a specific context, such as a blog post, tweet, or formal message, will also help us respond more accurately.

Trying With Chained Prompting

It is a question of dividing complex requests into intermediate steps, guiding ChatGPT through different but linked prompts to obtain more specific answers. Sequential prompts are examples of chained prompting: instead of asking everything at once, we’ll use a series of questions to walk the AI ​​through each process step. Example: We can start by asking ChatGPT to develop a general idea, then extract a list of key points and elaborate on each topic in more detail.

Use One-Shot Prompting

In this case, we are the ones to provide ChatGPT with a request and some sample content (usually between 2 and 5) so that it can more easily meet our expectations.

Remember The 4096 Token Limit

ChatGPT has an input limit of 4096 tokens, about 4000 words. But better to stay within the limit: a ticket is roughly equivalent to a comment, but the length can vary depending on the use case and language. The fact is that if the total of the words of our question and the answer exceeds 4096 tokens, ChatGPT will ignore the excess text. Therefore, we will be able to have an “incomplete” answer.

Use Precise Verbs And Affirmative Sentences

To improve the quality of the answers from ChatGPT, it is better to use precise verbs and affirmative sentences. For example, if we want the text produced to have an informal style, instead of asking the AI, ​​”Don’t write formally,” it would be better to write: “Informally reformulate the text.”

Word Of ChatGPT

To wrap up, we asked ChatGPT for three more insider tips for writing a perfect prompt. His response to follow…

  1. Avoid Ambiguity: Make your prompt as clear and specific as possible. If the prompt is ambiguous, I may generate responses that don’t exactly match your expectations. Ask direct questions and specify the context or information you want to obtain.
  2. Priority of information – clearly state which aspects of the response are most important to you, specifying priorities or preferences. For example, if you seek advice on improving your writing skills, you might ask, “What are the three most important techniques for improving my writing?”
  3. Request a specific format: If you have a particular design in mind for your response, such as a bulleted list, concise paragraph, or detailed explanation, specify it in the prompt. For example: “List the top five contributors to air pollution in cities in a bulleted list format.”

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