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How To Become An Influencer In 3 Simple Steps

How to become an influencer? For years now, everyone has been trying to make space online, on social media, and on various platforms with the hope of having a following and earning from their notoriety, building valuable personal branding . Many micro and macro-influencers succeed, so there are certain strategies to hit the mark and try to transform an aspiration into a real job, into a business goal. Here’s how.

3 Steps To Become An Influencer

An influential person is “one who has influence, credit, authority; that he can make his will weigh in a certain field.” That is all people with a degree of authority well above the average on a given topic. An influential person in the arts is unlikely to be influential in garden tools.

Therefore, The degree of influence is determined by some key factors that declined on the theme that it was decided to explore and communicate to others. Vulnerability is the way to gain the power to influence people and the market. Few are willing to take risks; therefore, few are truly influential people.

  1. “They want to be influential without being different.
  2. They want to be like everyone else but stand out simultaneously.
  3. True influence is not built that way.” 

There are three basic principles to be a point of reference.

Express Your Worth

The first fundamental principle is value, a term used and abused that, as often happens, could appear empty without an adequate narration of its profound meaning. I’ll explain it with an example: if you made a post or video entitled “Being Influential in Three Simple Steps,” and in the post, you said what time to post the article, how many posts to write each week, and how to increase followers, you would have the usual useless list that many have already made before you.

You cannot express value through a formula, a tutorial, or a magic recipe but through reasoning, taking a controversial position, or questioning what seems useless to you, although “everyone does this.” This is called value, which, given to anyone who sees you or reads you, will make you appear as a person who, dispensing it, is equally valuable.

Be Authoritative

The second principle is authority. People tend to trust someone who has proven they can do it. If you talk about how to fix cars without ever picking up a wrench, you’re unlikely to be credible. If you talk about marketing in the eyewear world without having your own company, in which you have demonstrated that you can do it excellently for yourself, then you will not be credible in that sector.

Differentiate Yourself From The Crowd

The last step is the difference. You cannot stand out and be remembered if you don’t have strong elements of diversity from the rest of the market. But the difference is an uncomfortable state involving risk and criticism, where you will be loved and appreciated but also, conversely, hated and laughed at. The difference is a subject that should be appropriately calibrated to your person, your style, and what you think and propose.

This is the “magic recipe” a professional influencer like Scandellari provides. Being influential doesn’t come through the number of followers, vanity metrics, or the amount of content fed into the system. You are influential if what you say is carefully considered. For example, if you think what you are reading is nonsense, it means I am not influential to you. Understanding this concept is simple.

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