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5 App Recommendations In June 2023

This week is dedicated to Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference. I’ve chosen a few, more or less, thematically appropriate apps for June’s recommendations. If you’ve found the motivation to streamline your Mac workflow with WWDC23, here are some sample apps to help you achieve that goal. But I also have programs for those who now want to switch from the Windows PC to the Apple Mac. At the bottom, you will find the advice of the last two years so that you can use dozens of other apps; many of them free.


The Phoenix app is a window manager for people who can handle JavaScript. Because the software offers the ability to position app windows on the Mac display according to your preferences, these positions, the window size and the key combinations required for editing must first be programmed by yourself.

Individual settings can ideally be defined here, especially for large or extra-wide monitors. Or even for displays used vertically. If you want to lock windows to certain viewing positions, but don’t want to program anything for this, check out the app, which is also free Rectangle with a stable board with fin and WING.

  1. Name: Phoenix
  2. Category: Utility
  3. Price: Kostenlos
  4. information: Documentation
  5. Download: GitHub

World Time Menu

Isn’t WWDC the only event you want to watch from a different time zone? Do you also sometimes have meetings, chats, deadlines and other appointments that must be coordinated with people on the other side? Then Menu World Time will help you. As the name recommends, this little aid is carried to the macOS menu bar at various times.

Enter the respective cities, place them in the app menu for the menu bar and then use the design of your choice for the display. Incidentally, in addition to the AM and PM times, symbols for a day (sun), night (moon), sunset and the like are also displayed. 

  1. Name: World Time Menu
  2. Category: Utility
  3. Price: Kostenlos
  4. Information and downloads: Mac App Store

Magic Menu

iBoySoft’s MagicMenu app allows you extensive customization of context or secondary menu. If you right-click on the desktop, you can select new files from a list of installed programs thanks to MagicMenu. This list is customizable, and you can even set specific templates for the menu along with predefined blank formats. 

This will help you create new tables, letters, and design layouts much faster. Notwithstanding new records, you can set fast admittance to detailed indexes and organizers. The MagicMenu app combines the convenience of Windows with some extras – in the screenshot, you can see other menus that can be useful.

  1. Name: MagicMenu
  2. Category: Utility
  3. Price: Free Trial; Subscription for $19.60 per year
  4. Information and downloads: Site

Management 2

I got you the Gestimer app that allows you to set a timer by dragging the mouse down from the appropriate menu bar icon introduced a year ago. However, the program is now available in a new version. This now requires at least macOS 12 but offers a more modern interface and new features. 

Once you have set the correct time, you can enter, for example, a description (to distinguish between different timers). Additionally, timers can be linked between devices with Apple’s Reminders app entries. To try Gestimer 2, a trial version is available for the first 50 timers. Then the purchase version is required, which you can find for 7.99 euros in the App Store.

  1. Name: Gestimer 2
  2. Category: Productivity
  3. Price: Free Trial; Full version for €7.99
  4. Information and demo downloads: Site
  5. Download the full version: Mac App Store

Quit Everything

QuitAll app helps you close several or all active apps. This allows you to quickly and easily free up resources for more complex processes, conserve your MacBook battery, and generally speed up your system. Utilize the QuitAll menu bar symbol to set which open applications should be shut. Meaningful reports and tasks can, in this manner, be saved close to activity. 

You can likewise utilize a clock for unused applications, for example, B. close consequently following 30 minutes of latency. QuitAll can likewise utilize the “Power Quit” choice for frozen applications. You can likewise characterize your critical mixes for individual choices. You can find the application in the Setapp bundle from MacPaw.

  1. Name: Quit everything
  2. Category: Utility
  3. Price: Setapp subscription for €9.99/month (single license) or €19.99/month ( family subscription )
  4. Information and downloads: Setapp

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