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How Important Is It To Change Your Mind About A Startup?

We can imagine startups as clocks made up of countless gears that need to be perfectly compatible with each other. However, one of the gears often does not go well, so as to jam the whole mechanism. In these cases, there is only one solution: replace the piece to get the machine back on track. For this reason, a startupper must always be ready to change his mind and discard one to make room for a new and more functional one. Let’s deepen this important characteristic of the startup and its founder: change.

The Idea, The Heart Of A Startup

The idea lies at the base of a startup as if it were its heart. Only a startup with an idea or a particularly innovative solution can respond to a problem. And here is the turning point: the idea comes from the desire to solve a difficulty that some people find themselves having to face in a particular area or sector. This means that if an idea, a solution, is unsuitable for solving the problem, it will hardly succeed.

Because You Must Be Ready To Change Your Mind

This is why a startupper must always be ready to change his mind and seize change as an opportunity to develop his business project better. If you realize that your idea differs from what customers are looking for, it doesn’t meet their expectations. It’s right to step back and figure out how to improve it and make it as perfect as possible.

Remember that most of the time, it’s okay to change the idea you’re working on completely. Abandon it and move on to something else. It will often be sufficient to make small changes to your startup, for example, by modifying the business model, the marketing strategy, or some small feature of your final product or service.

When You Need To Switch To Another Idea

As a startupper, you must be ready to change your mind whenever your startup has difficulty growing. To this end, validating the idea is necessary, especially in the first moments, the embryonic ones, of your entrepreneurial project. It is a fundamental tool for understanding what works and does not work with your idea. 

Validating means understanding if and how your solution has potential market demand, but also understanding if the solution you have created is the correct one. At that point, since you will not have created any final product yet and will not have spent too much money and time, it will be easy for you to change everything wrong to arrive on the market with the product that satisfies the real need of the clients.

How Can You Make The Step?

In the world of startups, change is called a ” pivot. ” The pivot is precisely a methodology that consists of modifying some aspects that do not work correctly within a business to replace them with other ones that work. Pivoting means identifying and introducing different applications into your startup without changing its vision. The problem is there, and people are looking for a tool to help them solve it. Now it’s up to you to define the solution that fits and, even better, exceeds their expectations.

This is why a startupper must be confident in change. Change is natural, especially in a startup. It is unthinkable that a light bulb lights up in our heads and corresponds to our product or service’s definitive and complete version. Resuming the initial similarity between startup and watch. Just think of how many years and watchmakers it took to create an object that could measure the passage of time. In the same way, any other object needs time and effort to be perfected. In conclusion, don’t be afraid of change; rather, be happy when you can offer even more and better thanks to it.

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