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How To Find Work On The Internet

Are you looking for helpful information on how to find work on the Internet? Here is a hands-on tutorial that will help you find a job online from home without the traditional paper ads. Over the years, the idea of ​​finding work through the Net is growing more and more. The Net represents an inexhaustible source of information for job seekers, and the web spaces dedicated to this type of sector are constantly increasing.

How To Find Work On The Internet

Looking for a job offer among the many online sites is certainly not easy. It is necessary to know the most updated and reliable internet spaces well. Let’s see what they are.

Best Job Search Sites On The Internet

Some sites like Monster and Info jobs offer the option to register a resume or view the many job postings. Monster, in particular, in addition to publishing lots of ads to apply for, allows users to create personalized profiles and offers many solutions to make it remarkably easy to send resumes to apply. It is possible to register one or more curricula and use them alternatively to respond to different offers, plus users can make their data available with varying levels of visibility. 

Info jobs use a simple ad system that allows companies and workers to get in touch. By subscribing to an offer, you can send your CV to apply. If this is not possible, you can directly go to the site of the company that made the announcement. Another exciting site is TalentManager which offers several sections:

  1. The first section is called Find your job, where you can enter What You Are Looking for and Where.
  2. The second section is the Job offers, where you can send your application.

The Aggregators

For those wishing to search among the online offers, it is possible to go to sites that act as news aggregators. One of the best-known job request aggregators is SimplyHired; its operation is effortless: the user enters the type of job and the desired place to receive a list of offers selected from dozens of sites. On SimplyHired, next to each request, there is a link, ” Other Tools,” which allows the search for related offers and check if, among our Linkedin contacts, there is someone who works for one of the advertisers.

Employment Agencies

Other resources on the Web are those sites that publish job vacancies managed by the so-called employment agencies. The most famous is Manpower which allows you to search for offers registered in your database. The service also automatically sends emails with job offers and enables you to save your resume with a cover letter to be sent directly to the companies concerned. Another agency is Adecco, which offers recruitment, selection, training, and personnel management services and allows you to consult job offers and send your CV.

Social Network

Social Networks have taken hold in recent years to get in direct contact with companies. Linkedin is undoubtedly the most popular social network dedicated to companies and professionals. Through this site, it is not only possible to get in direct contact with people who work for a particular company, but it is also possible to publish your work information. Each user is present with their name and surname and with their activity of hers. The search engine makes it possible to find people who work for a particular company and try to contact them directly. 

Linkedin’s strong point is to collect a sort of “recommendation” from other users of the platform. This allows you to increase your prestige and network of contacts. The strength of Social Networks is undoubtedly word of mouth among users. Twitter is one of the fastest and most effective services; its strong point is the ease of communication. Each message sent can contain a maximum of 140 characters and is published both on its homepage and on that of other users. Twitter also has its search engine that is useful for searching for any offers that can be reached at

Public Competitions

Special attention should also be given to the competitions announced by public bodies; one of the most reliable is Concorsi. Its search engine allows you to search for calls by region, by categories, or select them based on the deadline. For each result, a card is displayed indicating the date of publication in the Official Gazette and the complete text of the announcement. To stay up to date, it is essential to subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest advertisements directly to your email. Another site that provides information is the Official Gazette which has a special section dedicated to Competitions.

Other Sites To Look For Work On The Internet

Here is a selection of other very interesting internet job search sites:

  1. Indeed: is a free site to find work that relies on Monster, with an internal search engine. You can also download it on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  2. Freelancer: By specifying your skills on this platform, you can find freelance work. For awarded projects, there is a 3% fee on fee.
  3. Job free: find lots of job advertisements, from large to small companies. Definitely to be considered.
  4. Jobrapido: easy to use. It allows you to search for work using an internal search engine.
  5. CornerJob: is an online service where you can find a new job quickly and easily. The sections on the Home page with the most sought-after positions and the sectors with the most significant number of offers are very convenient.
  6. Vivastreet: You will also find many job advertisements to find employment in India or abroad.

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