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Internet For Events: 5 Things To Communicate To The Operator

When I am asked for a quote for an Internet connection intended to support an event, it often happens that I am contacted by someone who does not have specific telecommunications expertise but who has been instructed to get in touch with the suppliers, whereby “suppliers” I mean all suppliers, without distinction of any kind: from catering to safety, through marketing, transport and, of course, connectivity.

The result of this choice is that great confusion is created, which does nothing but lengthen working times, generate misunderstandings and – let’s face it serenely – establishes a certain nervousness.  In this article, therefore, I would like to share some useful information with those about organizing a “connected” event so that they can contact the chosen operator and submit a clear and complete request for a quote. But first, let’s see how a temporary Internet connection works.

What Is A Temporary Connection, And When Is It Useful

The expression “temporary connectivity” identifies the service of supply and distribution of the Internet signal within an event or demonstration, such as a congress, a concert or the typical street party. 

Even if we are talking about a service that is active for a very short period – a few days or even a few hours –the chosen supplier must activate all the systems useful for guaranteeing continuity and the necessary level of security. Many times even if a location has its Internet connection, the same turns out to need to be more reliable and sufficiently performing, thus making it necessary to call in an external provider and supply a temporary connection that is up to the situation’s task.

What Information To Provide To The Operator

Now that we know what temporary Internet connections are, let’s see what information must be provided to the operator when requesting a quote.

Start Date, Total Duration And Intermediate Deadlines

Many need to realize it, but activating a temporary connectivity service can take a long time. For this reason, the organization must move with the necessary advance – at least 3 or 4 weeks before day X – providing the operator with both the start date of the event and its overall duration and any intermediate deadlines.

Quantity And Positioning Of The Premises To Be Covered

Bringing the Internet connection to a location and distributing the relative signal requires, in most cases, installing Wi-Fi hotspots and repeater systems in many environments or rooms, sometimes even very distant from each other. It, therefore, goes without saying that the organization must provide the operator with a detailed plan of the rooms, which shows the layout of the spaces and allows for identification of the points where equipment and devices will be positioned.

Number Of Participants

As we all know, connecting 10 or 20 workstations/users to the Internet differs from connecting 50, 100 or even several thousand. Given this, providing the provider with an estimate of event attendees or the seats needed to be served is important. Thanks to this data, it will be possible to identify the most suitable solution for the needs.

Type Of Services For Which The Support Is Intended

As you know, the Internet can do many things: shopping on eCommerce platforms, live streaming, moving large quantities of files from one device to another, and many other activities. Since each application consumes a different amount of data, the organization must communicate to the provider the nature of the services that will use the Internet connection to guarantee sufficient bandwidth.

Details On Accessing Rooftops And Areas With Wide Visibility

Suppose the location where the event will take place should be a cloister or an internal courtyard. In that case, it is important to indicate in your request the availability of access to the roofs and, more generally, to all areas with wide visibility. Indeed, it is true that radio link connectivity solutions – among all, the most versatile and requested by our customers – require the installation of signal transmission and reception devices, which must be traceable, i.e. they do not suffer from the presence of intermediate obstacles.

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