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Internet And New Technologies At The Service Of Real Estate

Like many business sectors, real estate has undergone profound changes with the development of new technologies. Between the housing search, the linking of the various actors, and the management of the customers, new technologies play a big role in real estate operations. What are the new tools and uses in the real estate sector?

New Methods For Searching And Finding Accomadation Remotely

Real estate research has evolved a lot in recent years, with the integration of the Internet and new technologies into the process. New approaches have emerged to make life easier for the various players in the sector. Indeed, today, you no longer need to travel to the field to visit apartments or houses, thanks in particular to virtual reality, Facebook Live, or even 3D mapping.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in the real estate field solves the problem of distance because it now makes it possible to carry out 360° tours giving rise to room-by-room discoveries of the property that interests you. 

Videoconference Visits

There is also the videoconference visit which allows guided tours to be carried out remotely without the client having to go to the agency offering the property. But you must first contact the agency for a personalized visit or register on its website to take part in a group visit through a pre-recorded video. The videoconference visit is also commented on in real time, allowing participants to ask questions during the video for clarification. It’s the same process the Facebook Live solution uses, which requires an account on the social network.

3D Mapping

Finally, 3D mapping is also part of the remote housing search methods. But unlike the previous solutions, this one allows you to visit the immediate environment of the property to be bought or rented. 3D mapping makes it possible to visit the property on the market and have an overview of all the amenities of the neighborhood where it is located, making it a complete solution. 

Use Of Websites And Mobile Applications

All major agencies now use a website and mobile applications to facilitate the search for real estate. Once users of these new tools identify the property that interests them, they can contact the real estate agency for a virtual visit and an appointment to validate the transaction.

IoT And Big Data For Real Estate

The Internet of Things, which connects objects and even allows entire buildings or districts to be digitized, aims to optimize the use of resources and collect a large amount of precise and punctual data. The main advantages offered by the IoT and Big Data can be beneficial in the field of property management, especially in the case of large buildings. The installation of appropriate sensors and devices makes it possible to provide immediate and constantly updated information on the status of each building component.

This allows you to manage the daily services related to the functioning of a building (from cleaning to the supply of any other service/product), but also – and above all – the constant and ordinary maintenance of the building. In a certain sense, it is as if the possibility of intervening and improving a space were extended during the entire life of the building, which is no longer a “static” object once the design and construction phases have been completed. Big Data and IoT, therefore, make it possible to respond in the best possible way to people’s needs, intervening from time to time according to need.

Buildings Change, But So Do The People Who Live There

Changes in the real estate sector depend on various factors, including changes in the buildings themselves. At the same time, however, people, their expectations, and their habits also change. These changes have prompted technology companies to focus on the real estate sector, now in transit for the process of complete digitization

Through virtual and augmented reality, they were visiting a property without physically accessing it, whether existing or still under construction or renovation is possible. In this case, we speak of ” Indoor Mapping ” applications. Property management, as anticipated, becomes digital, simpler, and even cheaper, just as there are more and more tools to facilitate direct and simplified communication between real estate agents and potential customers.

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