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Boosting Online Business: 10 Useful Tools For Small Entrepreneurs

Small and medium-sized enterprises represent an essential part of the economy. Suffice it to say that these alone are responsible for 41% of the entire turnover. From 2016 to today, the number of SMEs with high corporate welfare has more than doubled, from 10.3% to 24.7%. But over the years, the way of doing business has radically changed: today, digital has affected all areas of entrepreneurship, from organization to productivity, passing through advertising. 

No entrepreneur can afford not to take care of or underestimate his company’s presence on the web, and not surprisingly. Many new digital-related professions have sprung up. But you can rely on simple tools to boost your online business if you are not an expert. Let’s see which ones are below.  


WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are very effective tools for managing customer conversations and finding new ones. The first service is free and allows you to create a profile to enter products, their prices and other helpful information, such as opening hours. The second, however, is paid and offers much more advanced functions, such as sending massive marketing campaigns.  


This service allows you to automate email marketing. It is a straightforward and intuitive platform to use, thanks to which it is possible to manage mailing lists, compose graphically accurate and particular emails, and send them.  


It is one of the favorite tools for social media marketing. This service allows you to manage multiple social profiles simultaneously, plan publications, monitor competitors and corporate reputation online. Hootsuite has approximately 15 million users worldwide.  

Answer The Public 

One of the best-known SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Answer the Public provides beneficial information about the suggestions (and therefore the searches) most used by users on Google. The graphs give you an overview of the keywords directly associated with and most sought after on the search engine, even the “long tail” ones. It can be a great help in finding interesting topics to cover in your blog. 


Perfect software for those who sell products or services online. It is a WordPress plugin with an open-source system, i.e. accessible to everyone. The basic version of the service, which is unrestricted, still offers many features, such as the ability to customize the virtual shop window, manage payments and customer reviews and sort products based on their popularity, price or other parameters.  


Trello is a great site to boost your team’s productivity. Thanks to an organized virtual bulletin board, it will be possible to plan all kinds of activities and communicate with members of your team. Furthermore, it will be possible to assign deadlines and monitor the progress of the various projects.  


This service provides detailed insights into the performance of online content and is therefore very useful for bloggers, publishers and anyone who publishes content on the web. Thanks to Chartbeat, it will be easy to understand which content generates the most engagement and also to run tests on the images and the titles of the articles to understand which ones arouse the most interest.  

Google Search Console 

A handy and effective free tool to monitor the performance of your website on Google. The search console of the search engine giant par excellence also offers valuable information to improve its visibility and the possibility of receiving alerts on any indexing problems.  

Google Trends 

This service is also free and allows you to monitor the trend of online interest on all the topics you want. Enter one or more keywords and press enter for a temporal overview of user searches. A handy function relating to “related searches” allows you to discover all the keywords you are looking for associated with the one you entered.  


Among the many useful apps for creating content intended for social media, Mojo is one of the best. It allows you to edit images and videos by choosing from dozens of beautiful templates and mixing or superimposing photos and videos with different styles. The application is free. The purchase is intended only to activate some functions, but even the basic version is highly complete. Thanks to these intuitive and easy-to-use tools, it will be easy to boost your online business. 

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