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How To Choose The Ideal Name For Your Blog

How to choose the name of a blog: here is the theme that prevents you from starting to write and slows down your business. You want to seize all the advantages of this world. You want to create good content to intercept the needs of the public. But you realize that the key element is missing. Namely, the name. It’s not easy, I know. You know well that everything can start from this element, but at the same time, it is enough to get this small element wrong to decree the end of your online activity. 

Am I drastic? No, the name of a blog can be decisive for its online activity. In a single string of text, you can communicate everything. Or nothing. Worse, you can miscommunicate and, in some cases, even penalize your brand. How? With an unfortunate play on words, with a synthesis unable to convey the right meaning. And perhaps misleading the reader. How to choose the name of a blog? I follow these points.

Choosing The Name Of A Company Blog

Start with the simplest step: choose the name of the company blog. The path to follow is linear because it reflects the company itself. There is no continuity solution between the name of the company and that of the online diary you want to use to take advantage of inbound marketing. The blog must be recognizable and immediately attributable to the brand.

Usually, the blog is born in a site folder, as was done for Markcom. There are pages with commercial services and information. Then there is a blog with articles and an internal architecture based on tags and categories. In other cases, the blog coincides with the corporate website, but the reasoning is similar: the company name corresponds to that of the blog.

Choosing The Name For A Personal Blog

Here the situation becomes more interesting because there are several personal blogs. There’s the diary of a freelancer who wants to use content to intercept new clients. Then there’s that of someone who just wants to share their passions and writes as a hobby. But, at the same time, he hopes this tool can become an outlet for future earnings.

In short, the ways to blog are endless. But they can be defined through careful evaluation. How to choose the name of a personal blog? We discuss the alternatives to solve the problem and start your publishing adventure. Don’t forget the importance of the subtitle for your blog: the name welcomes the reader, but this string needs the subtitle to contextualize the work done in the posts and pages. This way, you can immediately clarify your field and professional universe.

Blogger’s Name

One of the most common combinations: the name of the person who writes becomes that of the blog. A simple and functional possibility based on a key passage: you are reading my thoughts. You are browsing my world. Here you will find everything about me. Having a blog with your name and surname as a welcome means strongly communicating your identity.

This possibility can be used several times, but it is perfect for freelancers. That is for those with a VAT number who want to use the blog to find new customers online. The perfect combination is with a corresponding domain, perhaps aimed at .it. This way, the personal brand is safe, and there is full identification between the person and the profession.

The Nickname Of The Blogger

Give your blog your nickname: it can be a winning idea. Especially if you identify with this diminutive and if it conveys positive values. Or in any case, it cannot become a reason for mockery. Many bloggers have used the nickname in the blog header: in this case, there are no benefits in terms of SEO or branding; at least at the beginning, there may be a risk of misunderstandings (as happened to Tagliablog). So you have to make people notice your name.

Creative Blog Names

The route many consider is choosing a creative name for your blog. Without any link to one’s identity but capable of conveying a message. In reality, the creativity of a blog name collides with the practical objective: to make the reader understand what he is about to read. This must be your point of arrival: communicating with the public and sending a clear message immediately. So how does a creative blog name come about? Everyone has their method. I suggest you use the mind map. 

This tool puts a concept at the center of the graph, in this case, the topic you want to address in your blog, and allows you to create connected branches that descend from the general to the particular. In this way, you can have a schematic and organized topic description. What is all this for? The editorial plan needs this work to identify the topics to be addressed in the blog. But your choice of name can also benefit from this graph. Having all the topics and terms in view, you can create a summary with the objectives.

Focus On Sources Of Inspiration

Sometimes the blog name comes about like this: without any planning. Simply browse a web page dedicated to a topic that interests you or perhaps a book. A magazine, why not. One of the ideal solutions to give a blog a name is to extrapolate a key term (perhaps a tool or a subject) and turn it into something different.

The Tools To Find The Right Name

To find the name of your blog, you need imagination, some time available, and the strength to take risks. Without the desire to try, you cannot make the final decision. But it’s also true that you need some tools to choose your name confidently. Shall we try to make a list?

  1. Coggle – Program for creating mind maps, useful for organizing ideas and having at a glance all the terms you can use in your work. It can be paired with your Google Drive account.
  2. Dot-o-motor – Great blog name generator. You can enter several keywords, perhaps those you have identified with the mind map, to obtain a summary. Also perfect for choosing the domain.
  3. Brand Nabber – You can do just about anything with this name-generator tool. You can have the necessary ideas for the blog and companies and music bands. There is no limit to the creativity of this tool.
  4. Namecheckr – Perfect to complete the picture. This utility can check the presence of the name you have chosen on other platforms. In this way, you can reserve the same nickname on social networks.

Last tool: the final check. Indeed, common sense. When choosing a name, make sure that no other blogs have made this choice and that they cannot be exposed to puns or puns. It would help if you did something simple: make sure the name is easy to read, write (keyboard or by hand), pronounce, and type.

Before publishing, do a little pool with your friends, and collect ideas and opinions. Should the second-level domain, the URL, be the same as the blog name? It’s not a requirement, but matching things up is better. In this way, a decisive coherence is created to communicate with the readers in the best possible way.

Examples Of Blog Names

I have indicated categories and models for giving a name to your blog by reasoning in specific patterns. However, it can be interesting to have examples to understand how these combinations can be implemented. I leave everything in a bulleted list:

  1. Francesco Gavello – The freelancer’s name corresponds to that of the blog.
  2. Web In Fermento – Blog and company have the same name.
  3. Tagliablog – The nickname becomes the name of the blog.
  4. Skande – Again, the nickname is chosen.
  5. My Social Web – My version of the social world.
  6. Blue pen – When a tool becomes the blog name.

One of the examples I always bring is that of Copyblogger, a name that contains simple words but can indicate the purpose of the blog. In most cases, this is enough to choose a good name: associate words useful to your target to make people understand what you offer and what people will find in your content.

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