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How Can A Free Hotspot Help You Acquire Customers?

The free hotspot is a free WiFi access point to the internet offered by private companies or public bodies. In addition to offering an additional service to customers and visitors, the hotspot can be an effective marketing tool. Inserting advertising banners on the authentication page and using e-mail addresses is possible. Social or telephone contacts entered during registration, with prior consent, for targeted advertising campaigns. It is constantly monitoring its progress and the objectives achieved.

Suppose your physical point of sale is positioned in such a way as to intercept the reference target. In that case, the hotspot can effectively become a weapon in support of proximity marketing to give value to the company with specific content, advertise one’s products/services, and acquire new customers. Loyalty and lead generation will go hand in hand.

Free WiFi Hotspot: A Valuable Tool For Your Business

The free WiFi hotspot can be inserted in any business: whether it is commercial premises, bathing establishments, hotels, bars, or restaurants, the WiFi hotspot will allow you to provide a valuable and free service to your customers and also have an excellent solution to increase their visibility on social networks. The free WiFi hotspot, in most cases, allows you to log in via:

  1. Registration with receipt of an SMS with username and password.
  2. Registration by sending an SMS to verify the user.
  3. Social Login (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram).
  4. Cards are created by the manager and contain a username and password.
  5. Customizations with corporate and management CRMs to be able to create users automatically.

Several companies offer free WiFi hotspot services, but, as we have repeatedly remarked, to fully exploit the potential of technology and ensure solutions suitable for our needs, it is preferable to rely on specialized companies, which can guarantee us not only the proper support in the design and installation phase of the free hotspot but also dedicated after-sales maintenance service.

ClubMixbox: WiFi Hotspot

Club Mix box, the free WiFi hotspot in synergy with Planet, was designed to effectively respond to the various needs of businesses that want to attract new customers by offering an increasingly popular service and public bodies that want to offer the community a service that is now considered essential, also to encourage tourism. The ClubMixBox WiFi hotspot is aimed at:

  1. Bar.
  2. Restaurants.
  3. Hotels.
  4. Shops.
  5. Municipalities and Public Administrations.
  6. Schools and libraries.

The ClubMixBox WiFi hotspot is a free hotspot that guarantees simple and immediate authentication by the guest that does not jeopardize the security of the leading network. When you try to connect to the network, an authentication page will open where you can enter your Facebook credentials, verified directly by the Facebook servers, to guarantee the privacy and security of your customers.

Alternatively, for those who do not have their social account, it is possible to use their mobile number, to which a valid password for all Club Mix box networks will be automatically sent. As far as security is concerned, the free Club Mix box hotspot applies robust navigation filters that are continuously updated to prevent viewing pages with content contrary to the rules or the downloading of viruses. Added to this is the time-dedicated assistance service and specialized operators ready to intervene in case of need.

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