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How To Upload Photos And Videos On Facebook

How To Make A Post

The post is the Facebook tool most used by users. It allows you to share your thoughts with others and show them content such as videos, gifs, images, quizzes or surveys or to launch charitable initiatives. Making a post is extremely simple. Facebook has a highly intuitive interface that allows even those with less affinity for digital to communicate quickly and without difficulty with other users.

Posts are text messages, images, videos or different types of content that allow you to quickly share ideas, thoughts and initiatives with other Facebook users. The post can be created directly from your Facebook homepage. Before the list of contents is published by other users, there is a window that allows you to create your post. Just tap in the area where it says ‘What are you thinking about?’. The post editor will open immediately. You can insert textual content, customize backgrounds, insert emoticons and change. 

By clicking on ‘add’ when working from the desktop or on the three dots, if you are using the application for mobile devices, you can also add photos or videos, tag the people to whom the post is addressed or who are relevant to the message to be transmitted, geolocalize to promote a location, declare one’s mood or the activity that is taking place. Through the post, moreover, you can start a live video, which will appear directly in the feed of friends users. Also intriguing is the possibility that the social network has given users to begin fundraising in favor of non-profit organizations or for personal causes.

How To Upload Photos

Facebook can then be used to share photos with family and friends. To do this, click on the green “Photo / Video icon next to the word ‘What are you thinking about?’. A window will open that will allow you to add images by selecting them from your device. You can add a single image and publish it, attach short textual content, or make multiple selections. In the photographs, friends present can be tagged, or the place where it was taken can be organized.

Once an image is selected, it can be edited by applying filters, effects, cropping, rotating it, and adding alt text. In case of multiple selections, you can also select the layout with which the photos will be presented to users. You can alternatively make an album to share pictures with friends and family without creating a post. To do this, click on your profile picture, click on ‘photos’ and then on ‘album’. By selecting ‘Create album,’ you can upload all the images or videos from your computer or device and publish them.

How To Upload Videos

Not only photos and images, but on Facebook, it is also possible to share videos with other users, preferably in MP4 or MOV format. The procedure is simple, click on the home page, on ‘How expensive are you thinking?’ and then on the green ‘Photo / Video’ icon. You can add a video by uploading it from the gallery or shooting one with your smartphone camera or computer webcam. Once done, select your target audience by setting Privacy and click ‘Publish’. In a few seconds, it will be visible in your diary.

The Privacy Of Posts

Those who create posts may need to limit the audience that can see them and intervene on the level of Privacy. Facebook allows you to control this aspect and decide who can see it effortlessly every time you publish content. After creating a post, before pressing the ‘Publish’ button, it is good to check that the target audience is the right one. You can do it by clicking on the drop-down menu under your name. The ‘Who can see your post’ window will open. Among the possible options are:

  1. Everyone: the base is public, and everyone and both registered users of Facebook and outsiders, can view it
  2. Friends: The position is visible only to your contacts
  3. Friends Except: This option allows you to exclude specific people from viewing the post
  4. Specific friends: The work will only be shown to selected users
  5. Just me: No one, except the creator account, will see the post
  6. Personalized Privacy: friends and lists can be included and excluded.

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