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Difference Between WordPress Templates And HTML Themes?

Do you know what your business today can no longer do without? An integrated marketing strategy capable of combining traditional means of communication with the most innovative ones in a coherent way and to achieve a common goal. And, in the field of marketing, your business can no longer do without even a strategically designed and carefully constructed website.

WordPress Template VS HTML Themes

This post will focus precisely on the construction phase of a website and the possibilities that computer technicians and programmers have at their disposal during the construction phase. In particular, we will talk about WordPress and HTML to understand the differences between the two, the opportunities and limits, and why choose one or the other. We have so many options for building a website nowadays. In this post, we will talk about two of the most popular possibilities, HTML and WordPress, and understand the difference between the two.

WordPress And HTML: The Definition

WordPress is a free content management system ( CMS ) that allows you to create a website or blog based on its structure. By quickly setting up ready-to-use WordPress themes, you can add content using drag-and-drop functions. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, a programming code that allows information to be displayed on a page. HTML tags must be used to format different parts of the document (headings, paragraphs, images, etc.). 

Before working with HTML, however, you need to learn how to modify its code. It’s not overly complicated, but you need to have specific technical skills to do it. Alternatively, you can create HTML pages using the Dreamweaver platform or any other HTML editor. The easiest way to work with HTML is to download a ready-to-use HTML template and make a few more straightforward and faster changes to set up the original content.

Practical Use

Millions of people use WordPress to create websites and blogs easily, fast, and intuitively. HTML is used for various structured and complex websites, providing excellent possibilities for business, personal and creative projects.


WordPress is an open-source platform developed by the community. This means that anyone can modify this CMS by creating various plugins, themes, etc., that you can download and implement on your site. On the other hand, HTML is based on closed code, which means that only you or the developer can make the necessary and desired changes to the code.

Theme Or Template: What’s The Difference?

WordPress files are called Themes or templates in English and can be managed through the WordPress admin panel. All necessary changes can be made with a few simple clicks. The design based on HTML technology is commonly called Template and can be edited in any HTML editor. An HTML template cannot be installed on a WordPress site as it does not have the WP content management system in its structure.

Limitations In The Design

A WordPress template offers many customization opportunities to implement and bring your creative ideas to life, but in any case, you are forced to follow its basic structure. Working with HTML, website design is limited only by your imagination and the level of your programming skills. Creativity and personalization, therefore, have no limits.


An SEO-friendly WordPress site must have proper page structure and use some additional SEO plugins. In the case of HTML, you need to pay attention to page construction and tags when building your website so that your website is optimized for SEO.

Responsive Structure

This functionality can be built in both WordPress and HTML. Most of the HTML templates with responsive layouts are called Bootstrap templates.

WordPress And HTML: The Conclusion

Both WordPress and HTML have their pros and cons. Both help you create efficient, performing, and aesthetically pleasing websites that offer satisfying, exciting, and memorable browsing experiences. What is certain is that everything depends on your needs, your goals, and the budget you want to invest in supporting your business, and just as confidence is, the need to rely on a professional in the sector to help you make the right decisions. Such decisions are most profitable for you.


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