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Canva: The Photo Editing App On iPhone

Canva is a graphic editing app downloadable for free on iPhone with infinite features: what you can do, from photo editing to creating content for social media. Canva is a free graphic editing app that allows you to create digital content in any format: from posters to Facebook covers, from greeting cards to Instagram stories. All Canva creations can be shared, saved, or printed. You can even make invitations to weddings. If desired, Canva takes care of this, too: choose your preferred print mode from the options offered by the application. Let’s see how to install Canva on an iPhone and how to use it step by step.

Canva Installation Guide On iPhone

To download Canva on iPhone, go to the App Store on your smartphone and search for Canva by typing the app’s name in the search bar. Once you find the application with the blue background icon, you can click Get to start the Canva download. Once the installation is complete, the app will appear on the iPhone. Click on the icon to open and start using the application. Once opened, the app will ask you to register for free or to log in with an Apple, Google, or Facebook account. Once the preferred option is selected, the application home screen will appear. 

Use Canva From iPhone

With Canva, you can create and edit videos, images, and photos and create digital products starting entirely from scratch, even choosing the Size and format of the document. Or you can create ad hoc documents beginning in one of the hundreds of preset templates. Mobile videos, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, covers for various social networks, greeting cards, and scrolls.

Flyers, invitations, logos, company presentations, and curriculum vitae. These are just some of the documents that users can choose, customize and download on Canva. Users in its entirety can modify each preset model on the platform. You can change the image, Color, text, and delete elements to insert others.

Create Digital Content With Canva

Canva allows you to create any digital content for any platform. The application offers the most important types of digital documents for the major social networks: Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Facebook. Canva offers all kinds of content intended for these platforms. 

Let’s see how to create, for example, a post for Instagram. Go to the Canva homepage and select Instagram posts from the different alternatives present within the app. Once you have chosen the model that best suits your needs, select it. A screen will appear where you can change the preset template. The Size of the creative is standard. As explicitly established to be used as a post on Instagram. At this point, the user can decide to change the background color of the image or the elements that compose it, such as the square in the center.

How To Edit Content With Canva

Once the content has been created, you can change the Color of the text and the writings in the figure. To do this, click on the text and choose Change in the toolbar at the bottom. By scrolling the toolbar from right to left, you can choose whether to delete the selected element by clicking on Delete, create a copy by clicking on Duplicate, change the Font of the text with Font, increase or decrease the size of the characters with Size, choose the text color to Color, change the format choosing between bold, italic, underline, bulleted list. Using Spacing, you can change the space between letters and lines. 

You can add the Effects among those proposed by the application (shadow, shading, emptying, splice, echo, glitch, neon, and background). You can change the Transparency, insert an Animation, change the element’s Position within the project, and also on different levels for other details. You can move apart slightly, insert a comment, a hyperlink, or block elements of the created image. If you want to insert a photo, click on the + icon at the bottom left and choose Photo from the menu. Once the Photo has been inserted into the project, it can be modified by applying one of the existing filters within the application or by customizing some parameters, including brightness, contrast, and sharpness. 

Tips And Tricks

Suppose you want to obtain specific digital content for a social network. In that case, there is no need to create a project with customized dimensions: Canva offers its users preset projects adapted for every need. If you want to create, for example, a poster, but you don’t have clear ideas about the project layout, just type ‘poster’ in the search bar to choose one of the many projects on Canva. Canva also allows you to add your photos and images. 

Just choose a template, click the + icon at the bottom left, and click Uploads. A window will open, and you can select an image from those previously uploaded or insert new ones by clicking on Load multimedia content. If you want to give a sense of the depth of the project between two elements, overlap them and decide which one should go in the foreground and which should go in the background. After you have chosen, click on Place from the toolbar at the bottom and Next or Back according to the Position of the element you want to give more importance to.

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