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Few Steps To Create A Site With About Me

With About Me hosting services, you can create a free website in a few minutes: login, enter the required information and choose the page name. About Me is a company that offers hosting services founded in 2009. It lets you put a page online in a few minutes and connect it to external domains. Many users appreciate About Me, especially for the fact that it will enable you to create a website for free and in a very intuitive way.

Before learning how to create a website on About Me, you need to have a Facebook or Gmail account. At this point, it is possible to register and undertake the process that will lead to creating a page. The steps are elementary to follow: they start with preliminary operations dedicated to loading user information and preferences. Then choose the name of your page, and you can immediately see it online. Once the page is loaded, it can implement further interventions and improvements through the Edit and Manage sections.

How The About Me Offer Works To Create A Website

About Me hosting and non-hosting services can be divided into two macro-categories: on the one hand, all the products are linked to the free subscription. On the other hand, the additional functions that characterize the Pro subscription: the latter has a cost of about 6.50 euros per month, which, however, is charged to the user annually. The Free version of About me allows you to create a website for free and connect it to an domain. The result will be an address like about. me/mydomain. It also allows you to create an email with the same name as the domain in question. 

The Pro version allows you to connect your site to a domain with a fully customized name, removing the branding: for example, Then it will enable you to create an email with the same domain name. But not only. Pro subscription holders can use various additional functions: for example, they can create portfolios or fully customized interactive buttons.

They can also link the pages started to their Google account, taking full advantage of the data, metrics, and reports provided by Google Analytics. In conclusion, the Pro version of About Me seems more suitable for those who want to create a complete website or perhaps e-commerce. The Free version is perfect for anyone who wants to practice, possibly starting to develop more specific pages because the subscription upgrade can be done at any time. 

How To Create A Website With About Me: Preliminary Operations

To create a free website on About Me, you must log in with a Facebook or Google account. Then you need to provide preliminary information, such as name, surname, and city of residence. At this point, we move on to provide information that will be helpful for the creation of the site: they concern your interests (5 choices available), your profession (3 options available), and the objectives you want to achieve with the pages being created. The various objectives are downloading an app or software and the invitation to discover your music, podcasts, or articles. Similarly, some aim to bring users to external pages: from blogs to personal e-commerce, passing through a possible company website. 

There are also users with more specific needs: for example, those who aim to be hired as professionals and who perhaps want to give greater visibility to their portfolio, their photographs, or their reel. But also those who wish to promote a venue, products, or external services ready to be purchased. Once the objectives have been set, we move on to uploading a profile photo, a design, and a reference color. At this point, it is time to connect the new page to a domain: it can be an existing domain, just as it can be a domain chosen at the moment. The connection to an existing domain function is only available to holders of an About Me Pro subscription. On the other hand, you can go on by choosing “Keep making a free page. “

How To Create A Website With About Me: Modify The Page Created

Creating a free page with About Me hosting services starts with choosing the link. If you have the Free plan, you can enter a name only after the branding. Then pass the CAPTCHA security measure to get to the heart of editing. The About Me management dashboard shows the newly created page on the left side of the screen. A vertical column appears on the right, which allows you to access various editing and management options. Also, from this column, it is possible to upgrade to the Pro subscription, the advantages of which have already been explained in the previous paragraphs. 

Within the “Edit” section, you can change your Bio: the short description that will help other users get an idea of ​​the proposed brand, service, or product. It is also possible to add a “Spotlight Button”: an interactive button perfect for inserting calls to action in line with your needs. To set up the Spotlight Button correctly, About Me will ask you to indicate the goal to be achieved. Among the various CTAs available are those designed to call or send an email to the page’s creator. 

But also those that allow the direct download of a file or that allow you to book an appointment on Google Calendar. By clicking on “Add-ons,” it is possible to add a Portfolio, a gallery of images or videos, and Contacts or Testimonials: external endorsements, helpful to convey an idea of ​​reliability and competence. By clicking on “Appearance,” you can change the profile photo, design, and page colors. Finally, by clicking on “Details,” it is possible to modify some information entered during the preliminary page creation operations.

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