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Boost Your Cell Phone Signal In 5 Steps

Increasing the strength of the cellular signal improves the Internet connection on the move, making it faster and more stable and the quality of calls. Therefore, it is an aspect to be taken into strong consideration to making the best use of your smartphone. To understand how to improve the cellular signal and, in particular, how to amplify the cellular signal at home, it is advisable to carry out a series of checks and put into practice some small but fundamental precautions. 

Here’s everything you need to know about amplifying your cell phone signal. The “signal” of the mobile phone is a fundamental parameter that indicates the quality of the connection to your smartphone’s mobile network. By increasing the cellular signal strength, therefore, there will be an improvement in the connection on the move and the quality of calls. For this reason, it is advisable to carefully evaluate all the options available to you to maximize the quality of the cellular signal and make the most of your smartphone.

How To Check The Cellular Signal Strength

To amplify the WiFi signal of the mobile phone, it is necessary, first of all, to check its adequate strength. If you have an iPhone, you can use the code * 3001 # 12345 # * on the numeric keypad. Pressing the call button at the top of the smartphone display will show a number equivalent to the quality of the telephone signal. The unit of measurement used is the dBm.

The signal is low if the figure is near or above -100 dBm. Those with an Android smartphone can view the signal strength in the Settings by choosing the General item and then About Device / Phone. The indication relating to the radio signal will be listed among the various things in this section. You can make the most of your mobile phone device with a good signal.

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How To Improve The Cellular Signal

Here are some valuable tricks that allow you to increase the strength of the cellular signal, improving the performance of your device in various contexts of use:

Search For A Nearby Repeater With An App

If you have to deal with a poor signal, you can amplify it by going near a repeater. Thanks to the free Open Signal app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, you can quickly locate the nearest repeater on the map. This system can be particularly convenient when you are in small towns where there may be some areas where the signal is scarce or completely absent.

Change Cellular Network

Modern smartphones are set up to use the fastest cellular network automatically. If we are in 4G coverage, the device will use this type of connection. To amplify the WiFi signal of the mobile phone, it is possible, from the terminal settings, to change the network to be used. In some cases, to have an excellent signal to make calls or send messages, it may be advantageous to deselect the 4G network in favor of the 2G network, clearly less fast but with more excellent coverage and able, for example, to send a message via WhatsApp even in poor signal conditions.

Use A Signal Amplifier

One way to improve the reception of your mobile phone is the possibility of installing a signal amplifier. It is a device equipped with a control unit and antennas capable of picking up the signal from the nearest telephone cell and amplifying it in the surrounding area. This is a solution to evaluate when, for example, the movement in the house is not the best, and you want to amplify it consistently.

Reduce Interference By Moving Away From Electronic Devices

Sometimes, the signal from our smartphone can be poor due to electromagnetic interference with another electronic device. To amplify the call, it is possible to move away from all potential sources of interference. The presence of interference strongly reduces the quality of the movement. The connection can be improved by eliminating the risk of encountering these interferences.

Restart Your Smartphone Or Activate Airplane Mode

The “good old” computer trick of rebooting a device to fix a problem often works well. If your smartphone seems unable to connect to the network, it is advisable to restart the device or set the Airplane mode for a few seconds and then deactivate it. This way, the smartphone will reset all active connections and try reconnecting from scratch. Sometimes, when several cell phone changes are made, software problems may arise in our device. Restarting could solve the situation by allowing the smartphone to return to receiving a good signal.

How To Amplify The WiFi Signal Of The Cell Phone

When using the mobile phone at home, generally, there is the possibility to “lean” on the home WiFi network to surf at high speed and without limits of use. We remind you to identify the best rates for the fixed network Internet connection. To access the home WiFi, select the home network from the Settings of your smartphone (the network name is indicated on the router generally provided by the operator) and enter the password (this is also shown on the router). If the password is correct, you can access the Internet via your home WiFi in a few seconds. 

What To Do, However, If The WiFi Signal Detected By The Mobile Phone Is Low? 

In these cases, the problems could be of various kinds. First, it is advisable to check if there are points in the house where the signal is low and issues where it is high. This situation is prevalent, especially in larger apartments. It will be sufficient to purchase a WiFi Extender or a mesh network system to solve the problem. It is advisable to focus on mesh solutions for the most “difficult” situations in which it is necessary to maximize the WiFi signal. At the same time, if a problem is limited and, for example, there is only a room that does not have a good signal, it will be possible to bet on the cheapest extender. 

It should also be noted that to analyze the situation better, it is advisable to use an app capable of monitoring the home WiFi signal from your mobile phone. On Android and iOS, several applications can analyze the home network directly from the mobile phone to identify points where the signal is weakest. Another aspect to consider is that linked to the presence of interference. In general, it is advisable to position the router at the top and keep it away from metal structures that could interfere with the WiFi network, causing coverage drops and connections with lower performance. 

The presence of other electronic devices may also interfere with WiFi. The router’s location plays an important role and should not be underestimated. Some routers also allow the installation of an additional antenna that can significantly improve the WiFi signal in the home. An accessory of this type (usually purchased separately at any electronics retailer) can guarantee a net improvement of the home’s WiFi network, allowing high-speed Internet access, even from a mobile phone.

How To Boost iPhone 4G Signal

The problem could be related to a reduced network signal if the cell phone does not take well at home. Often, in these cases, one wonders how to increase the 4G signal of the iPhone. To solve reception problems, it is possible to use some tricks which, in some cases, can even eliminate the problem. It is possible, for example, to activate and immediately deactivate the airplane mode, go to the Control Center of the iPhone or in the Quick Settings of an Android smartphone. Even trying to restart the smartphone, improvements may be recorded.

Furthermore, it will be possible to set up a different cellular network from the smartphone settings to improve the signal. For example, let’s assume that the iPhone automatically connects to the 4G network. If 4G does not offer good coverage, it will be possible to force the mobile phone to use a different network, such as 3G, by sacrificing. To improve the 4G signal of your iPhone, you may need to remove and reinsert the SIM card or even reset to factory settings (Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings). Another option to consider is purchasing a cell phone repeater, a device that works similar to a WiFi repeater.

This device should be placed in an area where the mobile phone “takes good” and will allow you to expand the network coverage, solving any problems encountered. If all these measures do not have an effect, the problem could be related to the range of your operator. In this case, to improve the 4G signal of the iPhone, it will be necessary to change the operator, choosing one of the best mobile phone rates on the market. Who has a SIM of a virtual operator will have to check which is the support network to avoid changing providers and choose a new one that uses the same network.

The Apps To Improve The Reception Of The iPhone Mobile Phone

Despite the promises of many applications, there are no apps that can effectively increase the telephone signal. In case of problems with the reception of the mobile phone or the iPhone, it will also be possible to rely on some applications to optimize performance. For example, you can use the Open Signal app to test the connection and get accurate information about the actual coverage of your operator in a particular area. The application provides detailed and precise information and can be a complete tool for “orienting yourself” in the best possible way, solving any coverage problems.

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