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9 Trends To Know To Keep Up With The Job Market

Companies are transforming quickly, and so their recruitment policies are also changing. There are some trends to consider to stay competitive or find your first job. The pandemic has shaken up a job market that was already highly competitive. 

In a continuously and rapidly evolving job market, it is necessary for everyone—employees, freelancers, young people starting their first job, recruiters—to know in advance the trends necessary to keep up with global competitiveness. So what better occasion than summer relaxation time to dedicate yourself to some valuable reading for returning to the office in September, those who intend to change jobs, or those looking for their first job?

Focus On Soft Skills

According to a LinkedIn survey, 92% of HR professionals and hiring managers consider soft skills more important than hard skills. Characteristics such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and communication skills are highly valued for driving business growth and increasing productivity. Employers increasingly evaluate these skills during interviews to identify candidates best suited to their organizations.


Flexibility at work has become the norm rather than a privilege. Technological developments allow employees to work from home or remotely, achieving a better work-life balance. Offering flexible work arrangements improves job satisfaction and reduces business costs.

Actions Against Harassment And Bullying

Before the pandemic, the MeToo movement sparked debates about workplace harassment, and the wave of that movement hasn’t stopped yet, making it essential for employers to protect their staff and create a safe company culture. Harassment and bullying prevention policies and training are crucial to maintaining a work environment where you feel protected.


An emphasis on diversity in the workforce is an established trend, but its importance continues to grow. A diverse workforce brings unique perspectives and fosters innovation, increasing productivity and profits.

Blind Hiring And Artificial Intelligence In Selection

To eliminate unconscious bias, some companies are adopting blind hiring practices, where the initial selection occurs without revealing personal information. Furthermore, AI is becoming increasingly present in the selection process, making it easier for recruiters to evaluate candidates but also requiring new skills from candidates.

Predictive Analytics

Companies leverage predictive analytics better to understand each employee’s organizational value. Data-driven insights help identify areas for improvement and foster employee growth. Perhaps knowing that an algorithm is evaluating you may not seem so reassuring for an employee, but this is also a growing trend that should be considered.

Data Privacy

Cybercrimes and data breaches have raised concerns about privacy and protecting company assets. Companies are implementing more robust data protection measures to ensure the safety of sensitive information and build trusting relationships with employees.

Remuneration Transparency

Pay transparency is enshrined in an EU directive and is gaining ground, ensuring fairer pay and addressing issues such as the gender pay gap. Its main objectives are building trust in the workplace and promoting an inclusive work environment.

Training And Development

Employee training will be an increasingly important focal point in the future. Trained candidates are often natural learners with a passion for continuous personal development and are happier and more engaged employees. Supporting and encouraging this nature in employees means providing them with the right culture and working environment.


Attracting suitable candidates and retaining talent with a corporate culture that adapts to change is critical in today’s job market landscape. Only by embracing these trends early will companies be able to create an environment where employees can thrive and contribute to the organization’s success.

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