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WhatsApp Business: What Are Its Main Functions?

Yet, practically speaking, what is WhatsApp Business for? What are its capabilities, and how could you manage this application to foster your business at any point? In the actual depiction given by the Google Play Store, that’s what we read “WhatsApp Business permits your business to have an authority presence on WhatsApp, gives you apparatuses to convey all the more productively with clients, and assists you with developing your business. Action “. In any case, how can it make it happen? Its capabilities are various. How about we find out together?

As a matter of some importance, WhatsApp Business permits you to get an “official” profile of your organization, segregated from your telephone number. Many are, as a matter of fact, the individuals who commonly utilize their WhatsApp profiles to interface with clients. Presently, envision the turmoil brought about by using a solitary number to oversee family members and companions (with whom the talks are, obviously, casual) and clients (with whom there should be more experts). Because of WhatsApp Business, you can quickly utilize a landline or versatile number related to your business to make an expert profile. 

You will, in this manner, have an individual profile, where you can mess around with individuals you know, and a profile for your business to keep up with different proper tones. What’s more, you can live without the feeling of dread toward disarray between one visit and another, as the two shapes won’t struggle: one will be on WhatsApp, the other on WhatsApp Business. After creating a personal profile, you can begin to discover this world, which is far from challenging to explore: the structure is very similar to that of WhatsApp. You find the main page divided into three columns: the one dedicated to chat, the one for statuses, and the one for calls.

In short, everything is regular. What changes, or rather is implemented, are essentially two peculiarities: the possibility of creating predefined messages and that of segmenting customers. Let’s find out what these functions consist of. What kind of messages can be sent with WhatsApp Business? First of all, usually, a potential customer tries to establish contact with you to receive further information, able to direct him or her towards the purchase of your goods or services.

Thanks to this app, you can respond promptly to those who ask you if your menu includes vegan dishes or to those who want to know if you keep it open on Saturday afternoon because they want to come and take a dress to your laundry. Here, being able to establish a contact in this context is essential. This is why WhatsApp Business gives you some practical tools to draw on to make the  relationship as trustworthy as possible  in the form of  preset messages:

  1. Absence messages: This is a predefined message that is sent when it is not available. In this case, you can also schedule the dispatch at certain times, for example, when the customer is looking for you outside the opening hours. Thanks to this type of message, you can avoid hearing your wife snort when, at dinner, you are forced to answer a customer;
  2. Welcome messages: When any customer searches for you or adds your business number, you can activate a preset welcome message and greet them warmly. A statement entitled “Hi Antonio, welcome to the chat with Pinco Pallino! Here you can ask us for any information, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible “could be ideal. In addition, thanks to this function, you can create a greeting message for those who have contacted you but have been missing for weeks. In this way, you will keep the attention on your business and bring a potential customer back to the fold (this business is very close to  remarketing !);
  3. Quick responses: If you notice that a question is asked particularly frequently, you can decide to create a short answer. This refers to specific keywords and is used to respond to a FaQ. For example, you run a souvenir shop in a well-known tourist resort, and you are frequently asked, “Do you sell the magnets to stick to the fridge?”. In this case, an answer such as “We sell magnets to attach to the fridge, available in multiple sizes and images” could be the ideal solution to avoid having to answer the same question thousands of times.

These are the three types of predefined messages you can send via WhatsApp Business. But now we will take a step further: what else can you do with this app? Another essential function concerns the possibility of segmenting customers based on their characteristics. As you well know, there are many types of customers (or potential customers) that you are faced with in your business: there are those who are simply inquiring, those who have already purchased, and that you must continue to “delight” (by the way, read the article on the Inbound Marketing paradigm to learn more about this phase!), those who are just a few steps away from purchasing and need to be a little pushed. 

Here, with WhatsApp Business, you can select customers based on the fact that they have only requested information from you, that they have already ordered something, that they have already paid, or that they still have to do it, and that the order has been delivered. In short, you will be able to have a complete overview of all customers and potentials that revolve around your company and send specific messages for each of these categories. These are the main features to which WhatsApp Business belongs. However, they are not the only ones. 

For example, the possibility of always having the data you need to hand to understand if you are going in the right direction: if you are applying some SMS marketing strategy, but via chat, it will be advantageous to see how many open messages,  how many read them,  how many ignore them and how many, again, have decided to block you. With WhatsApp Business, you will therefore have a complete overview of what is happening around your business.

Finally, with WhatsApp Business, you can manage, as in the most traditional form of the application,  groups, and broadcasts to send your offers and communications to multiple contacts simultaneously. In addition, you can also connect from a fixed device via  WhatsApp Web. In short, as you will find, it is a straightforward tool. It entirely takes the form of a primitive app. Still, it increases with a series of functions that, if used carefully, can prove fundamental and lead you to a very high number of potential customers.

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