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Examples Of Effective WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

WhatsApp is not only an app that allows the exchange of messages but also an excellent business tool: here are some examples of successful marketing campaigns. WhatsApp is not just a simple, instant messaging application. It is a valuable tool that allows people to stay in touch while saving money. By allowing calls, video calls, and exchanges of multimedia content without geographical and temporal limits, it has established itself among the most used platforms in the world, surpassing famous social media and also attracting the attention of small, medium, and large companies and organizations that have decided to launch marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. 

Thanks to WhatsApp, companies can use new communication channels to reach the target audience, creating highly personalized conversations. With WhatsApp Business, an extension of the instant messaging platform, they can take advantage of essential features and valuable resources to build customer loyalty, offer them new services, increase sales and increase brand awareness.

The Advantages Of Doing A Marketing Campaign On WhatsApp

Making a marketing campaign on WhatsApp can be highly beneficial. There is a considerable saving of money: the use of the platform is free and does not require great graphics or video-making skills to produce content suitable for the platform. Unlike social media, it does not depend on algorithms, and brand visibility cannot be limited. Those who receive messages from the company via WhatsApp are often aware of users who already have confidence in the organization and are potentially interested in receiving offers and updates. 

Enjoy one-to-one and personalized conversation. The open rates are very high, as are the clicks on the links. To obtain reasonable opening rates, you need to develop communication strategies that take into account the needs of users and send only messages that are interesting to them. Time goes fast on the web. Users seek immediate solutions and quick answers to their problems. With WhatsApp Business, companies can provide quick assistance, necessary information, updates, and help anytime. 

With the automation granted by the platform, they can send immediate welcome, absence, or automatic messages to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions of users without the intervention of an operator. With the catalog function, you can increase your sales by showing new products or services or those most appreciated by your customers. You can enter detailed descriptions, prices, availability, shipping and payment methods, and e-commerce links.

Examples Of Effective Marketing Campaigns On WhatsApp

Many brands have started using WhatsApp to reach very different business objectives and targets. They did it with extreme creativity, adopting innovative strategies and creating content specifically designed for an instant messaging platform. Restaurants can use WhatsApp web to contact their customers, ask them to release reviews on external platforms, and send offers and coupons. By segmenting your audience, you can decide to send messages only to those who regularly attend the restaurant or who may be interested, for example, in themed dinners.

Similarly, cultural associations can use the platform to deliver messages to members and invite them to participate in events or collections. Hotels can make good use of it to provide visitors with updates on availability and exciting information about the tourist location or to send promotions and offers. WhatsApp can create effective marketing campaigns for any organization. To succeed, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the objectives. The power of WhatsApp was well understood by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the airline in the Netherlands that used the platform to achieve more goals and better communicate with all passengers.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has decided to send travelers a file containing their booking confirmation so they can always have it at hand without the risk of losing it and without needing to print it in paper format. At the same time, it uses the platform to send information on the status of flights, announce any delays, and indicate all possible solutions and ways to communicate with assistance. In Switzerland, Nivea has launched a campaign on WhatsApp on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The brand created a video that users could use by forwarding them to their mothers to wish them well and show affection. To get the content, interested people had to contact Nivea on WhatsApp and follow the instructions provided by the company. 

In this way, contact was created, which the brand subsequently used to acquire or retain customers. The ‘Absolut Unique’ campaign, launched in 2013 by Absolut Vodka, aimed to promote and celebrate the brand with a limited collection and an exclusive party. The guests were all famous people, and only two tickets were reserved for non-public people. Those who wanted to get them had to show their interest by contacting a virtual assistant on WhatsApp: the one who was more convincing and creative won. At the same time, the company managed to obtain qualified leads.

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