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What To Do If Android Does Not Respond To Commands

Today, we will see what to do if Android does not respond to commands with this article. Open and close applications, go to settings, activate the camera, go back to Home, do other things as you usually would using a smartphone, and the phone suddenly stops responding to commands. Anything you try to touch on the screen does not respond. What could have happened? This is just an example of what could happen when you are typically using an Android smartphone. 

Still, suddenly everything freezes, and the device stops responding to commands, so if you try to press the icon of some application or access any function of the device, you will no longer have a way to do it. So what to do if Android is unresponsive? The problem is often easy to solve, but it is not always the case but unfortunately and in this guide, you will find different solutions, from the simplest to the most demanding to follow. So let’s get started.

It is doubtful that an Android smartphone with a stable version of the operating system installed can freeze. However, it is not impossible, so it happens to several users every day. Indeed, since you are here in this guide, it is also happening to you right now. . If you too have found yourself with an Android smartphone that has stopped responding to touch, here are all the solutions that will tell you what to do if Android does not respond to commands.

Restart The Smartphone

If Android has stopped responding to commands, what you can do is restart your phone. Press and hold the device shutdown button and from the menu that appears on the screen, press the Restart button, then wait for the smartphone to restart to see if the problem has been solved. However, when the phone is locked, it could often happen that nothing happens by pressing the shutdown button on the phone. 

The shutdown menu does not appear, so in this case, my advice is to try a forced restart in the following way: Long press the shutdown button of the smartphone, usually between 10 and 15 seconds, then the device will restart automatically. As an alternative to this method that forces the smartphone to continue, you can disassemble and re-mount the battery if the phone allows it. Once the device has been restarted, you can check if there are still blocks,

Make Sure Your Smartphone Hasn’t Overheated Too Much

Sometimes it can happen, especially in the hottest summer months, that the smartphone overheats too much until it freezes. Generally, it restarts even in these cases, but this does not necessarily happen, and it could get stuck without showing signs of life. So what to do in these cases? If the smartphone has overheated too much, You leave it off for a while to make the internal temperatures drop and better manage the overheating of the phone.

It Could Be Due To An App You Recently Installed

It could also be a single application that you recently installed that stops the phone from responding to commands due to some bug or virus. In this case, I recommend that you access the smartphone in safe mode. In this way, all third-party applications that you have installed over time will be disabled, and it will be easier to understand if an app causes the problem you are experiencing or not. 

You downloaded it to your phone. If you notice that there are no blocks from safe mode, most likely, the smartphone is not responding to commands due to some app you recently installed and which you will have to remove. To check for any viruses on your phone, you will find many good antiviruses on the Play Store.

You Have Installed A New ROM

You may have installed a custom ROM on your Android smartphone, and in that case, there is most likely something to be reviewed by its developer. If you have not installed a stable version of the ROM, these blocks may occur where the smartphone no longer responds to commands. So what to do in this case? You can switch to another more stable ROM to prevent the phone from freezing while you are using it and then switch back to the ROM you are replacing when it is more mature and without the bug that blocks the device.

Perform A Factory Reset On The Phone

The Android smartphone may have constant freezes due to some file that has been damaged, so the only solution, in this case, could be to reset the device to the factory state. However, by resetting the phone, you will lose all saved data and settings, photos, videos, applications, everything will be deleted, and the device will be restored to how it was when it was first turned on after you removed it from the box. 

Therefore, You make a backup on your computer of all your most essential data to restore them once you have finished the reset. By resetting the phone, all files will be reinstalled, so the smartphone should stop crashing if it’s not serious about the hardware. Suppose the phone suddenly does not respond to the touch to perform a factory reset of an Android smartphone. In that case, you generally do the following from Recovery mode (to access it, Look for the right key combination for your smartphone model in as the one you find below is generic and not specific for all Android devices):

  1. Backup all your most important data
  2. Turn the phone off
  3. Start the smartphone by holding down the Power + Volume Up buttons.
  4. When the phone logo appears, release the Volume Up key.
  5. Select Recovery mode by  touching it with your finger or using the volume keys to go up and down and the Power key to select the choice
  6. Then select Factory reset.
  7. Wait for the device to reset to the factory state.

Hardware Problems

If the solutions seen above have not led to good results, the cause why your Android smartphone keeps crashing could be hardware. So what to do in this case? There is little to do. If the device is under warranty, you should take it as soon as possible to an authorized center where they can repair it for free, while if it is no longer under contract, you can decide to take it to a repair center for repair. 

For smartphones, or if it is not worth it, you can think about buying a new device. What could be the hardware problem that makes your Android smartphone not respond to commands? From the processor to the touch screen, there can be several reasons why Android may have stopped responding to commands.


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