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What Is Tumblr, And How To Use It For Marketing

Tumblr is a social network that allows companies to communicate with their target audience through valuable content: this is how it works. Social networks are an integral part of the communication and marketing strategies of most companies operating on the market, which exploit the levers of digital marketing and want to expand their business, find new customers and promote the brand. 

Over time, numerous platforms have been created and developed, publishing and sharing the content of different types.If Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are the most popular social networks, others can be used and included in your strategy. Among these is Tumblr, which, due to its characteristics that ultimately differentiate it from other platforms, still offers numerous growth opportunities and allows the sharing of quality, engaging and valuable content.

Tumblr: What It Is And How It Works

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with features typical of social networks. Created by David Karp and Marco Arment, it was launched on the web in 2007. The creators, intensely interested in tlogs or Tumblelogs, i.e. sites with short text content combined with other multimedia elements, had set themselves the goal of offering web users the ability to create small blogs. Tumblr’s success was immediate. In about two weeks, it won the attention of 75,000 users, who decided to log in to the platform to share their ideas or view those of others.

Over the years, it has grown dramatically, attracting the attention of investors. In 2013 it was acquired by Yahoo!, and in 2017, it was incorporated by Oath. Attention to the safety of members is high. After the launch of the application, the company decided to eliminate all types of content intended exclusively for an adult audience. In 2019, Tumblr became the property of Automattic. Even today, it is an excellent tool for companies that want to achieve business objectives through web activity. Tumblr should be used as an actual blog. After registering, the content of different types can be published: textual, images, videos, GIFs and more. 

These will be visible on the dashboard and can be placed in specific categories, making it easier for users to find them. Hashtags are used to allow people to find content about specific topics. It is a real social network. Interaction with other users is not only possible but recommended and encouraged. You can ‘like’ the contents considered attractive. You can comment and share what has been produced by third parties, increasing its diffusion. Like any blog, even on Tumblr, you need to take care of SEO to be successful. Before creating the content, it is good to research the most used keywords and optimize the URL, the H1 title and the title tag. This will help rank on the search engine results page.

Tumblr, How To Use It: Define The Niche

Tumblr allows users to follow their interests, viewing content belonging to categories or associated with hashtags. Brands can use it to convey messages and content and reach their target audience. When developing a strategy for the company’s presence on Tumblr, it is advisable to identify a niche, an audience with specific and well-defined characteristics.

Their tastes, needs and interests can be understood by studying the audience. This will make it easier for you to produce useful, valuable content that gets positive interactions. To understand what may interest the public, it is advisable to identify buyer personas. These are archetypes or models built based on the study of their customers, which provide guidelines for developing an effective marketing strategy.

Tumblr And The Rules Of The Three Cs: Content, Care And Consistency

Tumblr continues to attract a large number of users who share new posts every day. To stand out from the crowd, you need to follow the three Cs rules (Content, Care and Consistency) and produce quality content. Texts must be short, clear and not misunderstood. It is always good to associate a multimedia element, such as GIFs, which are particularly appreciated by users of the platform, images or video. These must be high resolution and visible even on mobile devices. Many types of content can be published on Tumblr: in addition to videos, texts and images, chats, links, audio, and quotes stand out.

During the development of the marketing strategy, an editorial plan must be created, in which the tone of voice to be used, the topics and themes to be treated, and the style to be adopted must be established. In this way, all the contents will be consistent with the image of itself that the company wants to impose and spread on the market. Consistency is essential to remain etched in the memory of consumers. It is advisable to create an editorial calendar to be respected. Gives detailed directions on when to publish content. These must be shared periodically, preventing too much time between posts.

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