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Twitter Analytics: How To Evaluate Your Tweets

Twitter lives the network effect like hardly any other social media platform. Retweet, like, and sneak into the comment lines are good form here. For companies, Twitter offers the opportunity to build their image, generate reach, and boost conversions. In this article, you will find out how you can get the most out of your Twitter marketing with the help of Twitter Analytics and which key figures you should pay particular attention to.

What Is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics is a free tool available to both private and business accounts to evaluate essential performance data. The data provide insight into the engagement of the target group, which content is viral, and whether the Twitter marketing strategy is successful.

How To Enable Twitter Analytics

To access the Tweet Activity Dashboard, log in to with your Twitter login details. When you register, the tracking of your Twitter data is automatically activated. You now have access to the separate Twitter Analytics area on the desktop. If you want to see your Twitter statistics while you are out and about, click on the statistics symbol next to your tweets in the iOS and Android Twitter app.

Is Your Social Media Strategy Successful On Twitter?

Key figures are the marketer’s pledge. Because only those who measure can substantiate the success of the social media strategy with evidence. Social networks, therefore, usually offer free analytics tools for marketing departments that make it possible to analyze the performance of your account. To access the Twitter Analytics area, go to the desktop version of your Twitter profile and click on “More” in the navigation on the left. Now select the menu item “Analytics.”

You land on a dashboard that summarizes the most critical metrics of your Twitter account. In an overview, you can see the key figures for the period of the last 28 days and the development over the previous period. The following data can be read:

  1. Tweets,
  2. Tweet impressions,
  3. Profile visits,
  4. Mentions as well

Below is an overview of your Tweet highlights, which include:

  1. Your top tweet,
  2. Your top mention and
  3. Your top followers.

In addition to the dashboard, the Tweet Activity, Videos, and Conversion Tracking areas are located in the top navigation bar. In the following, we will detail the key figures to be evaluated and explain how you can use them profitably.

Success On Twitter: Measure Reach, Engagement, And Conversions With Analytics Data

Twitter Analytics provides several important figures that form an essential basis for optimizing the social media strategy. We’ll take a closer look at the most important key figures in the next section.

Twitter Impressions

Impressions are the number of people again who have seen a tweet. You thus indicate the range that a post has received. Under top tweet, Twitter Analytics also shows which of your tweets recorded the most overall impressions within the specified period. Why the metric is crucial: Impressions are an important indicator of whether the published post is well received in the network or not. Increasing impressions indicate that the followers are interested in the content. Falling numbers indicate an optimization strategy.

Twitter Follower Analytics (Followers, Engagement, Engagement Rate)

Even in the overview, marketers get an insight into the total number of followers and the growth ratio. The number of followers is an essential indicator of your reach on the social media channel. The “Tweets” dashboard also provides you with other critical engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and retweets. The engagement rate is calculated from these interactions and provides information on how happy the users are to interact with your content.

Why the key figures are decisive: If specific tweets are liked particularly often, their engagement rate increases. This, in turn, provides you with information on which content particularly hits the nerve of the target group. Conversely, a low engagement rate shows you that your content runs contrary to the interests of your followers. The number of followers, engagement, and engagement rate are often mutually dependent and often increase relative to each other.

Twitter Hashtags Analytics

Twitter hashtag analytics summarizes the engagement and reach that results from the use of hashtags. The tweets board provides an overview of the hashtag clicks. This means clicks on one or more hashtags within the tweet. Why the metric is crucial: Twitter is the founder of hashtags. Contents are grouped thematically under the keywords with diamond symbols and form a new board on the topic. Using viral hashtags increases the potential to be found and, consequently, to receive more impressions through hashtags.

Top Followers

The key figure of the top follower may not seem entirely plausible at first glance. However, it has excellent potential. Twitter is a network that benefits from users retweeting your posts. Why the critical figure is decisive: The profile with the most followers (and thus the most significant reach) is displayed under the top follower. If this person comments, likes, or retweets your posts, you have an increased chance of benefiting from the spread of the entire account.

Top Mention

Under the analysis area of ​​the top mention, you will find the recognition of your account that was most successful in the specified period. If a tweet receives a vast number of impressions in which your brand was mentioned, you should take a closer look at it. The metric is crucial: If the tweet is positive feedback or a recommendation, you should respond to it. But even negative criticism can be better eliminated if you don’t ignore the post but respond to it. In this way, you can also show your followers that you care about your reputation.

Link Clicks

Link clicks measure the number of clicks on a link in your tweet. This metric is critical to check whether your followers are also following you from within the network. Why the critical figure is decisive: If you link your website, an offer, or other user-oriented content, for example, then you can use Twitter to boost not only your reach but also your conversions.

Video Completion Rate

Video content is also becoming increasingly popular on Twitter. But how much the viewers enjoy watching your published videos can be measured with the video completion rate. The metric indicates the percentage of people who watched the video to the end. Why the metric is crucial: People who watch a video to the end are very likely to be interested in the content shown. Thus, the video completion rate indicates which content is well received in your community and is rather uninteresting.


With Twitter Analytics, you have the option of setting up conversion tracking. Website events and mobile app events are available to you. All you have to do is set up a website tag and implement it on your website. Why the critical figure is decisive: With the help of conversion tracking, you can achieve your marketing goals even faster and in a more targeted manner. Tailor your offers and your content precisely to the target group who visited specific pages on your website.

Bottom Line: Make Your Twitter Marketing Chirp

Twitter Analytics is a native, free tool that enables marketing departments to get the most out of their Twitter marketing. In addition to reaching and engagement, Twitter Analytics can also be used to identify the top performers among your posts and mentions. Use the insights to benefit from the network effect and gain more interactions for your tweets.


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