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True Or False: 5 Myths And Misconceptions About SEO

Search engines are tools that have become essential in everyday life and accompany our daily routine, allowing us to move within the network through particular queries. Every day we query the search engines, Google in the first place, to structure our days: from the search for the equipped beach to the takeaway pizzeria, from the pharmacies on duty up to the latest book published by our favorite author, or to be able to receive advice on the most innovative and technological smartphone model, etc., etc. And Google, after processing and collecting our questions, will be functional in returning from its storage memory a list of detailed results organized in infinite web pages, linked by semantic clusters and, possibly, by keywords. 

Thanks to a SERP, we will receive feedback rich in potentially helpful material and varied topics. The strategies underlying the organization of the contents of a website and in the return of the same, known as the “famous positioning” among the “waves of the search engine,” however, go through quite a few semantic and conceptual storms, which does the work of those who make SEO even more complicated than it should, mainly due to false myths and misunderstandings that have arisen over the years and of which, alas, we are all a bit victims! Let’s take a closer look at these false beliefs that have led (often) to erroneous or inadequate SEO positioning.

Is SEO Dead, Or Is It Still Needed?

SEO isn’t dead at all! On the contrary, search Engine Optimization is still one of the methods to acquire traffic to convert! Well, of course, on Google today, you don’t just go “to search” for something or someone. But this is now in the revolution that has been behind the IoT ( Internet Of Things ), where Google (Home) has also learned to turn on the TV or the lights of the house, welcoming you with “relaxing music” or on your smartphone. 

It “chases” you with various content, such as videos (YouTube) or others, but always according to your interests and tastes. Who today has to “intercept users online “Can not ignore this behavior of use of the search engine, not the only ones in truth (considering the vast offer of digital channels now very easy to access and find!). But you have to make an excellent distinction: on the one hand, there is what you like, on the other, what you need! Google today knows how to do both, and old healthy web research is essential. If you need something, Google remains the best channel to find it!

SEO Can Only Be Done Once And For All

False! Doing SEO is like respecting a diet or doing regular physical activity … What would happen to you if, after going on a diet and having constant and periodic physical training, you decide to give up everything, perhaps to camp on the sofa to watch your favorite TV series while you consume french fries and pizza? You have to imagine that the same thing could happen to your website if you stop investing in SEO.

Exceptions exist, it is accurate, and even “abandoned” sites sometimes continue to see their content floating in SERPs, but they are exceptions … better not “believe in donkeys that fly”! Returning to our example of “remise en forme, “now and then, “that piece of pizza is there,” is it essential to take a more extended run?! Therefore, having the opportunity to intervene whenever you deem it appropriate, and above all with constancy, on your web project is one of the advantages of SEO, which will bring a net benefit to your business, resulting in much more helpful than actions done “one shot one kill” useless and counterproductive from all points of view.

Doing Google Ads Helps To Better Position A Website

We asked several people for explanations about the difference in the positioning of some websites in the Google SERP. Someone might answer that it depends on the payment made! No, and then no! Google does not reward anyone for the money paid to the Mountain View company. Organic results are such, and they are free! They appear on search engines thanks to a series of structured SEO activities, such as keyword optimization and targeted content, certainly not for direct payment to search engines.

But the positioning will NOT be influenced (over time) even (strange but true!) even for paid ads! However, and this goes without saying, tapping into Google as an advertising tool undoubtedly creates better campaign duration visibility. This will generate traffic(good if the campaign is well optimized!) that you can turn into potential customers or a sympathetic public! Then everything depends on your Google campaign’s strategy and how you want to “open the doors of your website,” creating more links and accesses!

The “Fresh” Content Is The King

In an absolute sense, this is always a valid statement because the freshness of the contents “rewards the positioning,” but… the objectives must be considered. We explain ourselves better. Suppose your website offers content that, by its nature, changes over time and can undergo necessary updates due to the topic, the sector, or its usability and usefulness. In that case, you MUST update your content, providing text restyling related to old articles or online pages in your SEO plan. Remember that integrating, modifying, and always making what you do interesting also rewards the loyalty of your readers or customers, not just positioning!

If, on the other hand, you have a site that deals with processes that, in the end, never change, the advice we can give you is to create (but this always and in all cases!) High-quality content, original, rich in descriptive information or according to the nature of what you treat, to attract and seduce your target audience, to make them a loyal audience and possibly inclined to purchase or approve your Brand. Realize, whenever you can, a secure fan base that will follow your site only for the convincing and authoritative arguments present and fundamental to be indexed better than others.

Duplicate Content Damages Websites 

Google was evident in this: there is no penalty for duplicate content. Of course, as in all things, common sense must prevail. There is information worth “duplicating,” perhaps by drawing on external and reliable sources, or even internal, to underline a meaningful concept or passage, as we remember our ancient essays.” Let’s say it becomes “dangerously duplicated” content when it is not only an exact copy of another but also when the same is found repeatedly on the same site or even on other domains. 

And especially when this becomes a “robotic” operation and does not explain an aspect of the content fluidly. But even in this case, there is no fine to pay (in short, many believe that money always arrives at Google?), But instead, we can speak of “discrediting in positioning” because analyzing the content and its crawling Google takes much longer. To verify and catalog the contents. And not only that: there may be “dilutions in the strength of the backlinks. Furthermore, if several domains have the same content, what guarantee would you have of being chosen by you and not your competitor? 

Even Google sometimes “can be wrong” by placing exact URLs with content that is not always useful or even unwanted at the top! Although in a broad sense, this of penalizing duplicates is a false myth, nevertheless, our advice is always to make exciting and original content. But suppose, by chance, you should have doubts about duplicates. In that case, you can always request an SEO Audit service from an SEO Milan agency .Specialized, who will be able to advise you on the right strategy for the visibility and traceability of your Brand and the website on Google!

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