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Tumblr: What It Is, How It Works, And Why To Join

Tumblr: what it is and how it works. The guide to discovering all the secrets of the famous microblogging platform oriented to the world of social networks. Tumblr was born as a microblogging platform oriented toward the world of social networks. Its origins date back to 2007, managing in some ways to anticipate modern social networks, adapting to trends, and becoming one of the reference points for the very young. In 2013 it was acquired by Yahoo. 

Before it became the property of Automattic, the same company that developed WordPress. The idea behind this “social network” was to allow users to quickly and easily create a personal blog capable of supporting text content, links, and so on; today, most of the content loaded on its pages are images, drawings, Memes, and GIFs. Today, in many ways, Tumblr is characterized by a “retro” style which, although still aesthetically appealing, could be a bit dated compared to more modern sites and blogs; however, it is still trendy, mainly because it is elementary to use.

How To Decide Who To Follow On Tumblr

Unlike other social networks, you do not follow famous people on this platform but only blogs with various topics. After all, being a blog in the most classic sense of the term, the entire site is designed to share interests or experiences with people interested in the same issues. So, to the question “who to follow on Tumblr?” The answer can only be all people with similar interests to ours. Tumblr doesn’t allow you to follow famous people but is built on interaction for specific topics grouped into different thematic areas. 

Going to the Dashboard, you can choose the topics or users to follow to create a network built on people’s fundamental interests. In this way, in addition to keeping in touch with those who publish similar content, it is also possible to create a specific sub-community, trying to build links organized by categories and topics. There are blogs for any topic, from the most common such as cinema or music to the most demanding ones, such as philosophy, science, etc. Opening your thematic blog and posting exciting and popular topics is a perfect way to “become famous” and become part of this conceptual web on which Tumblr is based.

Tumblr And Photos

As mentioned, the platform is designed to give excellent photos and multimedia content visibility. Not for nothing, sharing such content is very simple, with this social network encourages the user to vent their creativity with photos and images created from scratch or modified on the platform. Tumblr’s primary purpose is to create content designed to be shared multiple times by becoming viral; according to some statistics, on average, each post is published at least nine times, so it is easy to understand how the site tries to encourage the creation of new ideas and new materials directly from its pages.

The real workhorse of this platform is the original images and multimedia content which are the natural fuel for the proper functioning of Tumblr. One of the “secrets” of this platform is to apply creative effects to the various photos posted; the quality of the images is fundamental, but the use of effects and filters that make them unique is no exception. The advice is always to use original multimedia content, such as memes, GIFs, and photos created ad hoc; if this is not possible, never forget to use copyright-free materials or, if so, always cite the source and author. This is a critical speech because, on Tumblr, images travel very fast. If a creator discovers that one of his creations was “borrowed” without mentioning the source, he could report it to the appropriate authorities.

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The Rules To Follow On Tumblr

Tumblr is a social network like all the others, and on its pages, the same rules commonly followed apply. First of all, it is always advisable to underline it. Only original content should be posted; re-sharing or uploading third-party content must always be specified. The tags are fundamental on the platform, but it is always good not to overdo it and use only the most relevant ones. Hashtags are also vital, especially for organizing content by topics and allowing users to find them by simply entering the reference.

The community is at the center of everything. Visiting other creators’ blogs, following their work, and liking and sharing their posts is the best way to “grab attention.” In doing so, people will notice the content on your pages and, perhaps, decide to share it, making them viral. Tumblr follows the rules of all other social networks, favoring original content, user education, and a strong sense of community and mutual respect. Another critical topic on Tumblr is the Tone of Voice. Always be friendly and respectful; avoid verbal violence and terms that are not appropriate for a correct (digital) coexistence.

In short, even on this platform, the rules of civil debate and good education apply. Still, on the subject of the tone of voice, one of the essential suggestions concerns the type of writing. Naturalness is always rewarded, and it is always better to be yourself without too many words. Last but not least is the discourse on the frequent use of the platform. Like in the rest of the social networks, I post regularly as the winning card to attract attention and get positive feedback from other users.

Android And iOS Applications

Tumblr is, of course, also available in the form of free applications developed for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Access your reference store and download the official application to manage and personalize your blog from your smartphone or tablet. Once logged in, the Dashboard will automatically open, which works exactly like the desktop version, but with optimized formatting for more modest screens.

The positive side of both these applications is that they perfectly match the functionalities already explored by the website; the only difference is in the position of some buttons, which for space will be positioned at the bottom of the screen. The features and settings remain unchanged, allowing users to manage their blogs comfortably from mobile.

The Guide To Becoming Famous On Tumblr

Becoming famous on this platform is not simple; in a digital context crowded with people, standing out from the crowd becomes more and more complicated. There are some best practices to follow which could amplify the popularity of this social network. The first concerns the type of blog to be created within Tumblr. Topics of any kind are indeed dealt with on the platform. Still, it is also true that the trendy ones are, generally, those close to a young audience, such as music, books, cinema, TV series, video games, and all that is entertainment.

Opening a blog on one of these topics is not synonymous with success because what matters is the content and the way it is presented to the general public. There is no perfect topic to become famous on Tumblr. There is quality content that, as such, manages to capture the attention of other users. For example, talking about music on Tumblr could resonate powerfully if you talk about it correctly and with the proper “authority.” The suggestion is to create a specific blog and focus your energies on always offering exciting and captivating content.

Of course, these posts must always be different from other blogs or sites; the suggestion is not to copy the posts to be shared around the web but always to use original material. Blog users are always very attentive to the quality of content and will not take too long to “unmask” material that is not original or thoroughly copied from other sources. If such a thing happened, the blog would suffer a lot, and the writer’s credibility could be questioned. Always having original content is the first step to success, and we don’t necessarily talk about textual content, but works and artistic materials are also acceptable.

Drawings, illustrations, memes, and GIFs are all highly rated content by the Tumblr community, so it’s always a great tip to start right here. Everything creative is appreciated on the web, but multimedia contents of any nature certainly have an edge on this social network. Another tip for becoming famous on Tumblr is to use hashtags. These particular characters not only deal with categorizing posts but also have the task of increasing their visibility. The reasoning is the same for all the other social networks, Instagram and Twitter first.

Use these hashtags to appear among the most popular search results about that particular keyword. Respecting other community members and teaming up with them is a way to not go unnoticed on the platform and become a recognized creator. To use the right hashtags and talk about trending topics, the advice is to search the list of popular content and ride its success. The last tip concerns the interaction with other users. Speaking of a social network, popularity is achieved through the community and delicate user interactions. Creating a community and being recognized as a valuable member is one of the essential steps to becoming famous on Tumblr and getting noticed by the people who matter.

The platform, as we know, offers various ways to interact with other users, from simple comments to sharing or reblogging; these are all strategies for getting in touch with others and starting a relationship of friendship or virtual collaboration. Of course, these tips are very similar to those that can be applied to all other social networks and have an effect. They need time, interactions, creativity, and efficient marketing and communication strategies. Therefore, even on Tumblr, the same argument applies to all other platforms with the success that must be earned daily, one post at a time.

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