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Too Much Advertising On Android Apps? Here Are Three Ways To Block It

Are we tired of advertising in free Android apps? There are several methods to block it and continue using apps without problems. “Advertising is the engine of commerce.” No one can say the opposite, true, but advertisements are often annoying, especially when they clog up a smartphone’s small screen while running an application.

Fortunately, there is a way to clear these unwanted interruptions while using an app on tablets and smartphones without upgrading to the premium version of the app. It is essential to point out that these advertisements are free apps for developers to monetize their work. But sometimes promotions even make the application unusable. Below we explain how to do it.

Install An Adblock

The first method to block advertising is the one that many Internet users have used for several years: Ad Blocker, a type of application that stops all in-app advertisements. Although Adblock will stop all advertisements and work without problems with apps, there is a possible downside: with this software, there could be navigation problems on some websites. To be visited, some sites require you to disable an Adblock program.

Drastic But Effective: Airplane Mode Or Disable Connections

The simplest and fastest technique: set the smartphone in “airplane” mode. In this way, all connections will be disabled, and therefore you can use the application without incurring annoying advertisements. The reason? The device no longer communicates with the network and does not even receive advertising banners. 

It only works with applications that run without an internet connection and offline. In the case of an app that needs a connection to work, it will not be possible to use this method. Drastic but undoubtedly very effective. To continue receiving at least calls and SMS, you can disable the Wi-Fi and data connections. Less fast and just as less drastic.

A Wall Against Advertising: The Firewall

Less drastic than airplane mode but more complex. In practice, it allows the user to select which applications you do not want to connect to the internet. This will enable you to stay connected to the network using the app on duty without being bombarded with advertisements. The app in question must be one that also works offline.

One of the most versatile firewalls (which also work without root privileges) is NoRoot Firewall, free on PlayStore. How does it work? Install it, start it, and, from the Applications tab, flag the app you want to authorize. All Google and messaging apps must be enabled, while the others can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can My Android Mobile Phone Be Attacked By Hackers Or Catch A Virus?

And how! Compared to Apple’s great iOS rival, Android (any installed version of the operating system) has always been much more prone to being attacked by hackers or crackers. Terrible news for all owners of mobile phones such as Samsung, Huawei, and Google Phones that mount proprietary and non-proprietary variants of the Android software.

How To Remove Advertisements From Mobile And How To Remove Malware And Viruses On Android Mobile

After this due premise, here we are. Suppose you carefully follow all the steps (the procedure may vary slightly depending on the version of Android installed or the brand of the smartphone). In that case, you will be able to delete, remove permanently, and without risk, but above all, unwanted, invasive advertising and annoying pop ups from your Android smartphone. All without obtaining root permissions. Follow our guide to remove any malicious app, all advertising from Android apps, annoying popups, virus notifications from the Chrome browser, and much more.


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